Love Is In The Air: Our Top 5 Promotional Products for Valentine’s Day 2020

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Here at Totally Branded, we print your logo or design onto products that both your staff and customers will love. So, why not treat them to some branded Valentine’s Day gifts?


What is Valentine’s Day? Who was Saint Valentine?


The history of Valentine’s Day is one that is both wrapped and shrouded in mystery. The truth is, nobody really knows exactly how Valentine’s Day began!


Some say that Saint Valentine performed weddings in secret when the Roman Emperor Claudius II outlawed them for young men. When he was finally arrested, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, and sent a note on the 14th February signed “Your Valentine”.


Others say that Valentine’s Day originated from an ancient Roman ritual called Lupercalia. However, some other people say that the Valentine’s Day the we know and love only became symbolic of romance because of Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem “Parliament of Foules”.


As for Saint Valentine himself? Well, the Catholic Church actually recognises THREE saints called Valentine or Valentinus. Of which of these three saints is actually responsible for this loving day is actually up for debate!


Saint Valentine - Totally Branded


What are the top 5 promotional products that you can giveaway this February?


Any of the products in our range of Valentine-themed merchandise is perfect for your special February giveaways, conferences, event, and trade shows. From chocolates, to mirrors, to heart-shaped stress balls, we have it all.



At number five, we have the Love Heart Sweets. These recognisable sweets are perfect for putting a smile on the faces of your staff and your customers. They also taste great (one of our marketing guys, Jack, confirmed this!) Printed in full colour, these great little packets are sure to do your logo or promotional message justice. Try them for yourself!


Branded Love Heart Sweets for marketing campaigns



Coming in at number four is the Silver Compact Mirrors in the shape of a heart. These handy little romantic mirrors are great as a promotional giveaway item for beauty parlours, make-up shops, and hairdressers. Featuring two mirrors, this fantastic bit of kit is sure to fulfil all of your customers need. We can engrave them to 1 position with your logo, design, or promotional message, leaving them with a high-quality finish. Take a look by clicking the image below…


Branded Heart Shaped Double Compact Mirror - Totally Branded



At the mid-point of this list, we have the Stress Heart. This fun item is great for those that often find themselves tearing out their hair, and for those that just need some squidgy love. With this heart-shaped stress ball, you can show your potential customers just how much you love them this Valentine’s Day!


Stress Heart - Totally Branded



In the runner-up position, we have the Lani Candle with Wooden Lid. This great candle is perfect for setting the atmosphere, creating a nice aroma, and for promoting your branding! Each of these candles come in their very own box, and are a very high quality, making them great for the customers that you love the most. Take a whiff of information by clicking the image below…


Lani Candle with Wooden Lid - Totally Branded



Drum roll please…


In first place, we have the branded White Chocolate Champagne Spheres. These brilliant (and tasty, according to Jack) chocolates come in packs of six in their very own flow tray. Two things that are always associated with Valentine’s Day are chocolate and wine. These sweet treats combine the both of them to create the perfect Valentine’s gift for you, your staff, and your customers. Each pack is printed in full colour with your design, and is sure to be a fantastic promotional item for your brand. Why not try them for yourself?


Valentine's Day White Chocolate Champagne Spheres - Totally Branded


In Conclusion…


So, you now know about the mysteries surrounding Valentine’s Day, and Saint Valentine himself. You’ve also seen our Top 5 Valentine’s Day promotional items, so the rest is up to you! Our range of branded Valentine’s Day gifts is always growing and updated, so you’re sure to find a product that you love. Love is what it’s all about.