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Look out for our Express Delivery range, produced in house, in the UK - available for fast shipping.

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Everyone appreciates a sweet treat. Paired with an impressive display or event, a branded treat makes a great incentive to return to your business.

Yes we do, to name a few: we stock Kinder, The Jelly Bean Factory, and even Cadbury.

The majority of our confectionary is unbranded for your commercial use so you can have mini eggs with your name on the box, and not "Cadbury" for example.

Yes, we offer the Branded eco-friendly Chocolate Hearts which are praline chocolates in a foil, supplied in a branded eco film topped with a recyclable info card.

We actually stock standard branded tea bags, in single packs (all branded). The tea bag inside is a classic single estate Kenya tea (this is the British standard - Yorkshire Tea and Tetley use the same tea blend)

Due to outsourcing a lot of our confectionary (they would melt in our production warehouse) the lead times are a bit longer but it allows us to give you the best possible service. The 6 baton chocolate bar is available in full colour and is palm oil free, and has a lead time of 10 working days.

Anything but chocolate! This will melt and could ruin your day. Try something equally as sweet such as the branded fruity ice pops that we stock.Available in 10 different fruity flavours, they can be printed with your logo and sent to you in liquid form.(In their sealed plastic tubes!) You then freeze them upon their arrival. Once frozen they'll be a great giveaway at your summer event.

Yes, we do! We actually stock a range of mints in different shaped containers. Check out the "Promotional Natural Mint Flavoured Rainbow Sweets" which come in a clear branded container (think: tic tacs). Alternatively, have a look at the heart mint tin, ideal for valentines day!

A lot of our confectionary products come with a minimum of 100 units per order. This is due to the product size, and their low-cost.