How Branded Tote Bags Can Benefit Your Business

Tote BAG

Thinking of New Ways To Promote Your Brand?

Thinking of new ways to promote your brand can be slightly challenging, especially during the Christmas months when all of your initial list of ideas have been burned through already. However, its your challenge to keep your marketing techniques fresh so prospects remain engaged. It’s always vital to ensure your strategies impress your customers.

Flexible & Durable Tote Bags

Branded tote bags open a gateway to maximising brand awareness whilst making a lasting impression on your customers. Printed totes are flexible marketing tools that work for schools, estate agents, marketing firms, online businesses, supermarkets  and many more. 

An Outline of Your Marketing Strategy

We have put together a list of the key benefits of implementing promotional bags to your marketing strategy, along with useful tips you can follow to optimise your advertising campaign for success.

Growing Brand Awareness

Design an appealing tote bag that will turn heads every time someone walks past, this will make a great impact on your brand awareness. Showing of your logo in a generous printable area can be a highly effective way to showcase your brand to hundreds of people in your target audience. Your strategically placed design will draw the attention of those walking by when the recipient uses your branded tote bag to go to the shopping centre, tote bag or elsewhere.

The Average Number Of Impressions Branded Merchandise Makes.

The majority of people should be able to notice your brand from a distance. If necessary, why not add contact details on the bag to increase likelihood of sales. Ask yourself if your bags are appealing to your audience, are they physically attractive to look at? Do they show off your brands message? 

Branded totes aren’t just a great tool that encourage growth of brand awareness, it can also help you spread the word about social media campaigns, sales, festivals, causes and any any other event that’s taking place. Creative approaches work well for charities, marketing agencies and pretty much any company that is looking to create excitement for any campaign. 

Keeping Within Budget

One of the biggest worries about promotional merchandise is costs. In comparison to other marketing tools like banners, printed tote bags are a relatively low cost way to get any message across. Tote bags are great for companies on a tight budget. 

Let Prospects Touch & Feel Your Promotion

Half the time we loose track of how often we check our mobile phones throughout the day. But believe it or not, it is actually much more likely that you will remember a real life item rather than an online advert. Customers are more likely to keep in mind a face to face conversation and the moment they receive your totes. Make a statement, include your logo and encourage recipients to use your bags!  

A Mixture of Style & Functionality

One of the main benefits of custom tote bags is their functionality. Everyone loves a freebie. They are useful products and much awaited. A great way to add style to your tote is with a funny message or a stunning picture. By adding something appealing and broad more people are likely to recognise your brand from a distance. 

Top Tip: insert items that relate to your business to make your tote bags even more remarkable. For example; nail polishes for a nail salon, beer glasses for a pub, house shaped key rings for an estate agent or a plane usb for travel companies. 

Increase Brand Recall

There is no surprise that customers will be likely to remember outstanding campaigns. With custom tote bags, the recipients will be able to memorise your brand for as long as they use and reuse your branded bags. Apart from your logo, choose a design that represents your product, or come up with a specialised piece of artwork for your trade show or campaign, and remember… Totes are not just souvenirs, they are a powerful promotional platform!  

Eco Friendly Connection With Customers

Unlike your usual harmful plastic bag, tote bags are sustainable. This helps you to not only contribute to the health of the planet wellness but it will also it help you build customer trust. See our large eco range to help convey your sustainable message. 

There you have it! Using customised totes to promote your brand is a win for both your customers and your business. Stay creative by thinking out of the box and expressing your brand in a unique way! You will develop the attention of your audience whilst gaining customer loyalties.