Keeping your customers dry in 2020 – The Promotional Essentials

Keeping Your Customers Dry in 2020 - Totally Branded Blogs

Keeping your customers dry in 2020 – The Promotional Essentials


Not very many people like a wet and rainy day. Being caught in a downpour, with no cover, is a complete and utter nightmare for some.


Here in the UK, the weather is unpredictable. That’s why promotional merchandise that works to keep you, your colleagues, and your potential customers dry is a great addition to your company marketing.


Umbrellas are especially versatile. Over the years they’ve been used in loads of ways – such as stopping heavy rain, stopping sunshine, as a cool walking stick, and in some more extreme cases, floating (We’re looking at you Mary Poppins…)


Mary Poppins Keeping Your Customers Dry in 2020 - Totally Branded Blogs


So, why not do an extra bit to help out your business prospects and help them find shelter from the rain!


Here at Totally Branded, we have a wide range of products which all offer unique and fantastic ways of spreading your branding or promotional message. Take this product for example:



Bedford Budget Walking Umbrella - Totally Branded


This brilliant umbrella has loads to offer. It’s both strong and durable, and perfect for stopping rain. With a metal stem and ribs, this umbrella can withstand even the most British of storms.


The Bedford Walking Umbrella is great for those looking to spend a little less, but also get a great promotional product.


You might be looking for a smart looking, high quality umbrella to take along as the perfect accessory to your next golf day. We have umbrellas that are suited for you!


Check out this product:



Fibrestorm Auto Umbrella -


The Fibrestorm Auto Umbrella is brilliant for stormy conditions. With both a flexible and durable make, this umbrella is perfect for printing your brand all over it.


If you’re not looking to spend as much on your promotional golf umbrellas, then you might want to take a look at our Budget Storm Plus umbrella – this product can be printed with up to 4 colours, so that you can make the most of your branding opportunity.



Want a way of avoiding the wet while waving both your hands? Totally Branded has a few promotional printed ponchos that might be just what you’re looking for!


Recycled and Bio-degradable Poncho - Totally Branded


Our Recycled Bio-Degradable Ponchos are perfect for an eco-friendly approach to staying dry. Admittedly, they wouldn’t do that great in a fashion contest, however they are super practical.


Practicality shouldn’t go under-rated though. The more useful your promotional products are, the higher likelihood that your brand will stick in the forefront of your customer’s mind.


The cherry on the cake? After they’ve been used, they won’t leave a lasting and harmful effect on our precious environment (If you want more eco-friendly merchandise, you can check out our post on OUR TOP TEN ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS).



Disposable Rain Poncho With Pouch Green - Totally Branded


We also offer another printed poncho, the branded Disposable Rain Poncho with Pouch. While not being so eco-friendly, this fantastic product is also fully equipped to shield you from the rain – and it’s brilliant for branding!


In Conclusion…


These are just some rainy-day products that we supply at Totally Branded, and you can check out our site to discover more. If you can’t necessarily find the exact item that you want, then don’t be afraid to contact us and we can see what we can do to help. We are dedicated to also keeping your customers dry in 2020.


Stay wet-free in 2020!