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Looking for Branded Promotional Products to promote your Charity?
Check out our guides to effective Charity branded giveaways.

Promotional Giveaways for Charity

A large part of fundraising success for a Charity is the awareness. The use of branded promotional giveaways personalised with your Charity logo and message can increase donations as well as significantly increase awareness in a creative way. Handing out your own charity wristbands, pin badge, or keyring will almost certainly have a greater lifetime value to the recipient than a printed information leaflet.  The key is selecting a cost effective giveaway that will be useful in your recipients daily life. 

We have put together our guide to effective promotional products for fundraising and non profit organisations. Below you will find a selection of the most popular promotional products which are used by Charities to drive awareness to important causes globally.

Do Branded Giveaways work for Fundraising?

Yes promotional products are an effective fundraising tool for Charities. A recent study conducted by NPT UK (National Philanthropic Trust UK) found that 38% of donations to Charity in the UK are through buying goods. For example a piece of fundraising merchandise. An iconic example would be the iconic Cancer Research ribbon pin badges that are often found in retail stores across the country. It is clear that a far greater number of donors adopt this method of donation as opposed to raffle, direct debit, or fundraising event donations. On the topic of fundraising events though, Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life has raised an incredible £547 million over the past 20 years to support the Charity.

What are the most popular Charity Giveaways? 

By far the most popular fundraising tool is the Charity wristband. Many Charities continue to adopt branded wristbands to this day such as armed forces charity Help for Heroes. Since the charity first launched in 2007 the iconic  wristbands have been an effective fundraising tool, millions of which have been sold. The idea of Charity wristbands became increasingly popular in the late nineties. A simple idea which took the festival bracelet idea and utilised this as a fundraising tool that donors would actually want. In the late nineties it was common place to see arms full of silicon coloured wristbands all representing different charities close to our hearts. 

Closely followed is the iconic Charity pin badge. Branded metal pin badges offer a low cost, long lasting, promotional product which is useful for fundraising campaigns of all shapes and sizes. 

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