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Construction Company Employee Wellbeing Gift Ideas

Information published by the Health and Safety Executive explains that 20% of ill health cases within the Construction sector are as a result of work-related stress, depression, and anxiety. It is estimated as a result of this over 400,000 days of work are lost each year within the sector. 

Whilst this is a large subject that involves many factors within a company from culture to communication, and the working environment, evidence from the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) does show that recipients feel appreciated when receiving a branded promotional product. 

Using company branded merchandise to encourage employee wellbeing has proven a very successful strategy for many industry leading companies. 

This guide explores some of the most effective staff gift ideas that promote wellbeing and put a smile on the face of staff.  

Printed Plastic Wellbeing Information Cards

Printed Plastic Staff Wellbeing Information Cards

Mental health and staff wellbeing across your business must be acknowledged. Issuing staff with a subtle printed credit card style reminder of
key company wellbeing information is just another step employers can take to encourage the wellbeing of team members.

Plastic cards can be printed in full colour with your chosen company design which will fit nicely inside staff purses, wallets, or pockets work perfectly to promote this message.

Issuing staff with this mental health information card evidently shows your team how seriously the company takes staff wellbeing and mental health.
Including contact information for the Construction Industry Helpline, MIND, and the Samaritans are essential.


Chilly Style Metal Insulated Drinks Bottle

The Insulated vacuum metal drinks bottle is a durable branded drinks bottle that staff can use both at work and at home. This double walled leak proof bottle is very similar to the iconic Chilly style bottle that many of us have grown to love in high street stores. The Tide bottle can effectively act as both a flask for hot drinks as well as a cooler for cold drinks on a warm day. The double walled insulated material means that hot drinks can be kept warm for up to 18 hours whilst cold drinks can be kept cool for up to 24 hours.

Whilst the Tide bottle is certainly not a low cost branded bottle to provide staff with, it certainly will ensure staff wellbeing
regardless of the time of year.

A5 Mole Notebook Colours - Totally Branded

A5 Mole Notebook

Regardless of your industry a handy company notebook issued to staff will forever be a valued and useful tool at work. From meeting notes, material calculations, daily to do lists, sketch drawings, or just to keep note of important information that you may need to continually revert back to.

With no minimum order quantity and individual personalised name printing available to the front cover of the notebook, the A5 mole notebook is the perfect stationery tool to provide staff with. Notebooks seem to be particularly popular with site managers and office based staff for recording important reminders and to do lists.

Personal First Aid Kit in a Branded Tin

This practical personal first aid kit is contained inside a silver metal, hinged lid tin. The lid of the tin is then direct printed with your logo.

Personal first aid within the construction sector is imperative. A pocket size tin is great for keeping inside staff jackets and work bags. Inside
the tin includes a small dressing, scissors, a safety pin, 10 assorted shape clear plasters, an alcohol disinfectant wipe, and a burns gel sachet.
Arming new starters with a personal tin is certainly a popular wellbeing and safety tool.

Personalised Name Mugs

Individual Name Printed Mugs

Take company branded mugs to new heights of personalisation with your full colour company logo printed alongside your individual staff member names.
Some companies even like to take staff personalisation further and include their personal drink preference within the design. In a recent survey that we
conducted with customers, we found that staff who received a company branded mug personalised with their name on felt a greater sense of employer appreciation and are far more likely to hold onto the mug.

Teabag Open - Totally Branded

Company Branded Tea Bag Sachets

Everyone in the Construction industry loves a good cup of tea! Put a smile on the teams face with personalised tea bag sachets whilst promoting your brand in the office kitchen and for on site staff. Each sachet is branded with your chosen design to both sides using a full colour printed sticker.

AntiBacterial Challenger Ball Pen

Antibacterial Coated Senator Challenger Ball Pen

Now more than ever before we must focus on workplace hygiene to avoid the spread of bacteria and germs. The Senator Antibac Challenger Ball Pen takes the iconic Challenger plastic pen but now has an added innovative Antibacterial coating to prevent the surface transmitting bacteria. When it comes to providing staff with a practical well being giveaway at a low cost, the anti bac pen is certainly a great option.

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