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Construction merchandise guides

Looking for Construction Industry related Branded Promotional Products?
Check out our guides to effective Construction merchandise.

Construction Merchandise with No Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum Order?

Sometimes in the construction industry there are times when a small quantity of branded merchandise is required. Be it some branded goodies to include with a bid submission, a site handover gift, or if you are a small start up business and would like to dip your toe in the world of company branded merchandise for your business then having the ability to create construction themed merchandise with no minimum order quantity is imperative. 

In this guide we have put together some of the most effective construction related promotional giveaways that have no minimum order quantity. You can simply order as little as one item branded with your logo if you needed. 

Construction Builders Stress Shape Hard Hat

Stress Shape Hard Hats

When it comes to symbolic signs of the Construction Industry the hard hat is certainly at the forefront. Available in both white and yellow, the stress shape hard hat offers a low cost, fun, giveaway and is particularly well received at construction exhibitions and conferences.

Stress Hard Hat Shapes are made using polyurethane foam rubber and are used to relieve stress and muscle tension in the hand.

We digitally print the hat to the left hand side with your company logo as pictured above.

Printed Glass Coasters for Kier Construction

Printed Glass Coasters

Glass coasters offer an executive desktop branding accessory that look great in any meeting room.
The glass printed coaster can be produced in a round or square shape and is printed using a full colour sublimation process.
Printing these glass coasters using a sublimation process allows for full colour photo quality prints to be produced edge to edge on the glass.

Glass coasters with no minimum order quantity prove very popular when it comes to branding the office or board room as often only a few coasters
are required to fill the table.

Branded Triangular Tool Set - Totally Branded

Triangular Tool Set

The triangular tool set is a particularly popular branded giveaway which offers a practical 5 piece tool set within a compact case.
Inside each of the three blue corner caps reveals a handy tool. With two flat head screwdrivers, two phillips screwdrivers, and a 36 inch retractable measuring rule.

This practical giveaway again has no minimum order quantity and is most certainly a construction and engineering related promotional product.

The Triangular Tool Set proves to be an effective exhibition giveaway to contractors and home owners due to its usefulness not only at work but also whilst at home.

This tool set is branded with your logo using our full colour digital printing process to one side of the centre white plastic. The only negative to this tool is the corner plastic caps are only available in light blue which doesn't always work well with some brand guidelines however as shown above for some branding this tool works perfectly.

Camfaud Concrete Pumps Branded Merchandise

Ceramic Mugs

Builders love a strong cup of tea whilst working on the building site. By far our most popular practical giveaway for builders is the printed ceramic mug.

Our white ceramic Cambridge mugs are printed full colour with your custom logo and you can order as little as one personalised mug for each team member if required. Ceramic mugs are definitely the preferred style of mug for builders. In our experience if given the option of using a plastic based mug or traditional ceramic style people would almost always choose to drink from the ceramic mug as this is more familiar to them.

Dye sublimation printed mugs are also dishwasher safe meaning hand washing isn't required.

Reflective Builders Backpack - Totally Branded

Reflective Builders Backpack

Reflective safety backpacks branded with your company logo offers unrivalled visibility for your brand as well as providing a safety based reflective backpack to staff working night shifts.

Fitted with adjustable passed shoulder straps, this hi-vis branded backpack is the perfect practical branded giveaway to advertise and promote your brand in the construction industry.

Printed Mouse Mat with No Minimum Order Quantity

Fabric Mouse Mats

Mouse Mats create a practical desktop branding opportunity with a full colour print. Mouse mats are still to this day a highly popular desk accessory for those using desktop mice. They offer a great branding opportunity and can be printed with a simple logo or full colour photo print. In the past some contractors have chosen to print pictures of key projects that they have worked on as well as create annual calendars printed onto their company mouse mat for added practicality.

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