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ESTATE AGENT merchandise guides

Looking for property related Branded Promotional Products?
Check out our guides to effective Estate Agents merchandise.

Guide to Completion Day Customer Gift Ideas

Providing customers with a new moving home gift on key pick up day provides agents with the perfect opportunity to create a great future relationship with the buyer. Providing buyers with a gift on completion of purchasing a property with you further shapes your brand image and shows that you care about the happiness of your customer in their new home. Estate Agents must remember that one day it is very possible that the buyer may want to sell their home again, creating a memorable customer experience and great relationship at this stage of the customer lifecycle can almost certainly lead to future business in years to come from that customer. Above all, let’s not forget the very likely potential of free word of mouth marketing. 

Branded Bottle of Champagne

Certainly the most popular style of house warming gift, a high quality bottle of Champagne branded with your logo is the perfect executive gift. The makeup of this range of Champagne consists of a mixture of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes. They grapes are carefully selected with a rigorous selection process taking into account the whole history of each harvest. Each bottle is personalised with your company logo and full colour printed design to create maximum brand exposure.

Printed Company Umbrellas

Branded Umbrellas

High quality umbrellas offer a practical gift for any household. A good quality, automatic opening umbrella is certainly a high perceived value moving in gift. Choosing a strong windproof umbrella personalised with your logo ensures that the homeowner will keep for those rainy days for years to come.

Wireless Charging Alarm Clock and Speaker

For a truly executive gift the wireless charging speaker is the perfect solution. Supplied inside an individual gift box this multi use gift is a gift with a very high perceived value, your buyers will certainly not be forgetting you. Featuring an alarm clock, wireless phone charging station, and speaker this techy gift certainly packs a punch.

Scented Candle in a Glass Jar

A scented candle can spruce up any new home and creates a comfortable ambience. This glass jar with a silver metal lid contains a long lasting scented wax candle with up to 50 hours burning time. The perfect gift for a new home owner, a branded candle is a low cost yet well received moving in gift.

Hug Bone China Mug

Bone China Mug

An essential here in the UK is a nice comfortable coffee mug with a smooth handle. The Hug Bone China mug certainly offers a retail quality mug that homeowners will welcome as a new home addition. We have seen particular success with agents that opt for subtle branding but rather create a creative slogan or motivational quotation onto the mug.

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