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Looking for Transport and Logistics Industry related Branded Promotional Products?
Check out our guides to effective Logistics merchandise.

Transport & Logistics Merchandise Guides

Using promotional products and branded giveaways within the Logistics industry offers a highly effective marketing medium. With our range of logistics themed branded giveaways that are both practical and effective for Couriers, haulage, and freight companies we are sure to be able to help you create the perfect promotional product for your business.  

Logistics Essentials

The UK Logistics and Freight industry is an essential sector within our economy. It is estimated that the Logistics sector employs 2.7 million people and contributes £124bn to the UK economy each year. Fundamental to the day-to-day functioning of our economy and many of the daily necessities that many of us take for granted such as food and supplies being delivered to our front door, the logistics industry provides a mechanism for speed and convenience to millions of us each day.

Like many industries the sector faces its challenges. From technology, fuel costs, recruitment, and competition. Effective marketing for both new business, customer retention, and recruitment has never been more important. Using promotional products as a marketing medium can prove to be an extremely effective resource. From customer postal gifts, driver recruitment fair giveaways, to staff gifts, branded merchandise can be used across multiple company departments to improve your company image.