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Looking for branded merchandise and promotional giveaways for your University? Working with hundreds of Universities and Education Organisations has lead us to know a thing or two about effective promotional giveaways for Universities. Check out our useful guide.

University Student Branded Merchandise Ideas

Branded Merchandise plays a key role in Universities each year. From Fresher’s Fair freebies, to graduation gifts, University merchandise stores, and student union branded clothing. Everyone loves a freebie, and when it comes to uni life for students on campus branded merchandise really evokes a sense of belonging to students.

The key to creating successful promotional gifts for students is creating both a practical and stylish branded item that they will find useful. Students now more than ever before appreciate the value of branded freebies. Many undergrads will hold onto branded goodies they receive during freshers week, especially items such as branded notebooks, drinks bottles, USB memory sticks, pens, etc as these will serve them well in the pursuit of graduation.

If you are stuck for branded giveaway ideas for your University then this guide is for you. Below you will find some inspiration of our most popular promotional products that we produce each year for Universities and educational organisations across the UK. We will also explore how merchandise can play a key role in University recruitment, student unions, graduation, ceremony’s, and campus stores.

University Graduation

Looking to create Graduation day memorable merchandise?

How To Create
a University
Merchandise Shop

Guide to building your campus merchandise store.