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Our Top Ten Eco-Friendly Products:

Our range of eco-friendly products is diverse, and has recently been updated to include items that we think your company and your customers will love. Due to the multitude of new additions to this category, we thought that it would be a great idea to share our top ten favourite eco-friendly promotional products. So here we go…


No. 10: Bamboo Fibre Travel Mug


No one likes to spill their drink all over the desk, do they? These handy travel mugs are great at keeping your hot drinks from spilling over, meaning that your desk stays spillage free. What’s more is that they are a perfect eco-friendly addition to your promotional merchandise collection – with an impressive printing area, through Totally Branded these travel mugs will be sleek, professional, and practical, with your branding plastered all over them.


Our promotional travel mugs are made from a bamboo fibre composite, which really is a brilliant material to be manufactured from. Here’s why:

  • Bamboo is a natural resource and can be easily sustained and renewed within the environment.
  • Research suggests that bamboo fibre travel mugs will break down in approximately 1 year – that’s 50 times as fast as a regular travel mug!
  • The material is lightweight, yet sturdy (and most importantly, bio-degradable)

This ideal eco-friendly product is sure to keep you, your company, and the planet, happy. These travel mugs are a fantastic addition to our eco-friendly range and were almost guaranteed to make the list of our top ten favourite eco products!


No. 9: Recycled Elite Ice Scraper


We all wake up on those cold, wintery mornings – when thoughts of de-icing the car just make you want to cling to the warmth of your bed just a little bit longer…

Well now, you needn’t worry! Our branded recycled elite ice scrapers are brilliant at clearing away the chunk of ice on your car windows, and, thanks to our team here at Totally Branded, you can promote your company at the same time! These promotional ice scrapers are also made in the UK from recycled packaging plastic, and are an ideal approach to your company’s eco-friendly marketing.

This product almost made our top ten list based on its usefulness alone, so when we took into account the positive effect it has on the environment, and the fantastic promotional opportunities, we just had to choose it.


No. 8: Shaped Tyre Coaster


Looking for an eco-friendly printed coaster to put your branded mugs on? Well, look no further, as our Shaped Tyre Coaster is the perfect product for you.

Made from recycled tyres, these coasters are a brilliant example of taking a non-degradable item, stripping it down, and re-utilising the gathered materials. By deciding upon products that recycle the rubber from tyres, you’ll be saving loads of energy – therefore, reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses. These coasters are good for both promoting and drawing attention to your branding/company, and sustaining our precious environment.

Coaster Sample - Totally Branded

As you may be able to see from the image, you can get these coasters in a range of weird and wonderful shapes; here at Totally Branded, our experienced team can ensure that you find the perfect eco-friendly tyre coaster to suit your needs, and your brand!


No. 7: Smart Eco-Straws


It seems that, nowadays, everyone is concerned with saving the turtles – and rightly so! Plastic pollution in our oceans is growing day by day, threatening the wildlife and the watery habitats. That’s why these smart eco-straws are an ideal promotional product to own, as you would not only be making an investment into your marketing, you would be investing in the preservation of planet earth and its wildlife.

There are many benefits of owning branded eco-straws, for instance:

  • They are portable, and make for handy item to keep on your person – this is great from a promotional viewpoint, as your branding is going to be receiving constant attention from prospective clients and customers.
  • They are simple, safe, and very easy to clean

With the outstanding benefit that these printed eco-straws have on the environment, there was no way that we could leave these amazing products off of our list.


No. 6: Recycled Hudson Pens


Everyone needs pens. Your company needs branded pens. The world needs more eco-friendly pens. Luckily, our Recycled Hudson Pens provide a printed solution to all of your pen-related needs.

Made in the UK from recycled plastics, Totally Branded’s recycled Hudson Pens can help your company contribute to saving the environment while effectively promoting your brand. The eco-friendly pens are a perfect piece of branded giveaway merchandise, and with them being available in a vast array of colours, our team can certainly help you to find the best pens to suit your brand!

Our Recycled Hudson Pens can be printed with your branding, allowing for maximum exposure of your company. Alongside the amazing promotional opportunity, you will help your potential customers and clients to associate your company as socially responsible and supportive of the growing push towards being environmentally friendly.

We love our branded eco-friendly pens, and so will you and your company. This is why the Recycled Hudson Pens have earned their place on our list of top ten eco-friendly products!


No. 5: Bamboo Toothbrush (18cm)


You’ve already heard some of the benefits of branded products that are manufactured with bamboo. So, apply that information to this eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush, and have some more:

  • Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial – so these promotional bamboo toothbrushes provide more lasting protection against harmful germs, unlike the standard plastic toothbrush.
  • You don’t get a release of harmful toxins when our bamboo toothbrushes degrade – again, unlike the standard plastic toothbrush.

On top of all of the eco-friendly benefits that our branded bamboo toothbrushes provide, they are also incredibly aesthetic, and are perfect as a giveaway item at your next company event, conference, or trade show.

Recently, the popularity of eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes has exploded due to their numerous benefits, so can you blame us if we put them on our top ten?


No. 4: Oka Wheat Straw Re-Usable Tumbler


Much alike the bamboo fibre travel mugs, Totally Branded’s Wheat Straw Re-Usable Tumbler is brilliant at keeping your hot drinks safe from spilling. This tumbler is also great at spreading your company’s branding and gaining attention from plenty of potential customers.

While only being manufactured from 50% wheat straw fibres (the other 50% coming from ethically sourced PP Plastic) the Oka re-usable tumbler is still a great product, and it does it’s best to help sustain the environment – every step towards saving the planet is a good one, even if it is the smallest of steps!

The handiness of this product is what enabled it to make this list, as it is ideal for use around the office, on the go, and at home – and it can take your branding with it wherever it goes!


No. 3: Mendel Recycled Notebook


You like the look of the Recycled Hudson Pens? Well wait until you hear about our Mendel Recycled Notebook…

This eco-friendly notebook is made with a recycled paper cover, and features 60 lined sheets of high quality recycled A6 paper. This makes the Mendel Notebook both great for the environment, and fantastic as a promotional giveaway item or office accessory.

Our recycled paper Mendel Notebooks are beneficial to the preservation and protection of the environment, as the creation of new paper requires a large volume of water – whereas recycling paper does not. This makes them the perfect eco-product to brand with your logo for eco, effective, and efficient promotion!

These Mendel Notebooks are a staple of our eco-friendly range of promotional merchandise, and we are proud to include them on our top ten list.


No. 2: Recycled Bio-Degradable Ponchos


Festivals and other outdoor events are a common culprit in the wasting of un-degradable plastics, with their masses of wasted tents, cups, and plastic ponchos. Help make festival season a little bit kinder to the environment by promoting your brand on our recycled Bio-Degradable Poncho…

These ponchos are perfect for your next promotional giveaway, and will aid your customers in remembering your brand – and stay dry!

Our recycled ponchos are manufactured from a recyclable and bio-degradable PE plastic, so are not as detrimental to the environment as your standard plastic poncho. Furthermore, the print area is perfect for printing your company logo and gaining attention for your company from far and wide!

Totally Branded’s eco-friendly promotional ponchos are great for if you want to show that your company, and brand, cares about the environment we live in. They’re also fantastic at showing that your company is socially responsible – which is sure to build customer’s confidence in your service or your products.

The promotional potential of this product, along with its eco-friendly material makes it the perfect addition to this list of top ten eco-friendly products.


No. 1: Recycled Wheelie Bin Pen Pots


This is, hands down, an amazing product. It is unique, fun, practical, and most of all: Eco-friendly. With this branded pen pot in your roster of eco-friendly promotional giveaway items you can’t go wrong!

These recycled wheelie bin pen pots are such a fantastic product that we use them here in the Totally Branded office to hold our pens and keep our desks tidy. So, it’s almost guaranteed that, if you giveaway these pen pots with your branding printed on them, your potential customers will use them – meaning that your company gains repeated exposure day in and day out, and people will remember your brand.

Wheelie Bin Sample - Totally Branded

Made from recycled polypropylene, our promotional wheelie bin pen pots are a great way of taking an eco-friendly approach to organising your desk. Recycling unused plastics is highly beneficial to the sustainability of our planet, stopping the unnecessary release of harmful toxins and greenhouse gasses, and preventing pointless waste that clogs up landfill sites.

There was absolutely no doubt in our minds when it came to the decision as to whether or not to include the Recycled Wheelie Bin Pen Pot to our list of top ten eco-friendly products. This product takes the cake when it comes to a fun, effective, and eco-friendly branded giveaway.

In Conclusion…

So here we have it – Totally Branded’s top ten eco-friendly products. While our personal favourite is the Recycled Wheelie Bin Pen Pot, all of these items are brilliant for promoting your brand at the next company giveaway, conference, or trade show. Each of the items on our list are eco-friendly, and each of the products can show that your company cares about the step towards a healthier planet…