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Leavers Hoodies

Schools Out…forever?

Leavers hoodies are a great way for students to commemorate their time at school, acting as a practical, cosy keepsake with all their peers names on the back and their schools logo on the front. They can celebrate their achievements, remember all the friendships they made and look back and think “This is where it all started.”

Check out our range of customisable hoodies, perfect for school leavers below.

Looking for something else? We stock a range of brandable clothing, including sweatshirts!

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Leavers Hoodies – Your Questions Answered

Leavers hoodies are supplied to students when they reach the end of their school career. This is usually at the end of year 11 (students 15/16 years of age, before they leave to go on to further education or work etc).
They are great for commemorating the students time in school and giving them a cosy keepsake to look back on in the future.

Depending on which style of hoodie you order, our minimum quantity varies. Since you’re looking at our leavers hoodie selections – you’ll probably want a large order. However, if by chance you do only want the one, we do cater for that too.
Check out the “Uneek UX Hoodie” and the “Mens Anthem Hoodie”

Again, the colours will vary depending of the style of hoodie you’ve chosen.
If you want one in a range of colours so your students can pick their favourite colours, 
you can’t go wrong with the “AWDis School Leavers Hoodie” which comes in a wide range of colours and has a handy colour chart to go with it. 

Most of the hoodies in the “Leavers Hoodies” category come in a cotton x polyester blend. This fabric blend is best for hoodies as it provides stretch, warmth and durability that hoodies need.  

Yes, you can have it on both sides. With leavers hoodies they’re usually done so your schools logo is on the front, and on the back is the leaving year and the names of all students that are leaving. 

Depending on which style of hoodie you order, the quantity of your order and the stock levels at the time of purchase, we can have most of our hoodies with you in 12 working days or less.

All of the hoodies in the “Leavers Hoodie” category are stocked in sizes XS through to at least 3XL. If you’re in need of bigger sizes, the “AWDis School Leavers Hoodie” is available upto size 5XL and the “Uneek UX Hoodie” is available up to 6XL.
Adult sizing is best for this age group of students as they can keep wearing it post school age and onwards, as they continue growing.

If you’re looking for kids sizes hoodies we do stock them, check out the “AWDis Kids Organic Hoodie“.


Yes, all of our leavers hoodies have pockets, depending on the style of hoodie (pullover or zipped) will depend on the style of pocket.

Both types are great options, and have different pros and cons.
Zipper hoodies are great for wearing layers and throwing on over an outfit to keep warm, but pull over hoodies are great for snuggling up in and keeping warm, t
hese usually also have a bigger branding space on the front, with no zip to get in the way and interrupt the space.

The branding options are generally screen printing, direct transfer print, or embroidered. Depending on the product and what you’d like them to look like will depend on the the final outcome of the product.