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Branded Coasters

We all like to start our morning off with a cup of Tea or Coffee at our desk! Why not protect your desk whilst promoting your business every day with branded coasters personalised with your logo. Our coasters are a practical giveaway item, letting clients see your logo each and every time they pick up their cup of coffee.

Branded Coasters are perfect for anyone that enjoys a warm mug of tea or coffee at work. Our wide variety of branded desk accessories includes printed coasters in square and round shapes. Our coasters are available to order with low minimum order quantities with a full colour printed logo. We supply a wide range of different coasters, so that you have the right style of printed coaster that carries your company details effectively onto your clients desk.

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A Guide to Branded Coasters:

The power of Branded Coasters:

Those who work in an office love a good Coaster! Why would you want to be left with a horrible scratch from your mug or a wet patch of moisture from the base of the mug?! The answer is… you wouldn’t, and neither would your customers or prospects. That’s why a Coaster is a must have item for any desk, meeting room and board room. This offers an excellent opportunity for brand exposure for businesses wishing to promote their business.

As much as Branded Coasters are great promotional products for office workers, it is proven that teachers, students, doctors and nurses are also big fans of Coasters. They love them even more if they were given a Coaster as a promotional gift.

Coasters printed with your logo are a fantastic, cost effective method of presenting your logo to your customers and potential customers to constantly remind them of your business. Promotional Coasters have been a very popular trade show giveaway for many years. However, in recent years we have found many companies are using Branded Coasters for direct mail campaigns as they are easy to fit inside envelopes for posting to customers addresses.

Coasters on a budget:

Branded Coasters have a place in every industry and every business regardless of size. We provide printed Coasters for businesses and organisations of all sizes, ranging from the local plumber to big brands such as Bupa. Therefore, we know all too well that for some businesses budgets for promotional items can be very tight. With this in mind, we offer a fantastic range of low cost Coasters. Below you will find some examples of promotional branded Coasters that we recommend for those who are looking for cheap and cheerful Coasters.


Printed Beer Mats:

Printed Beer Mats are available in either Round or Square depending on personal preference. The difference in shape does not affect the price in any way. Printed Beer Mats feature your full colour design printed onto 2 sides of high quality pulp board. Branded Beer Mats seems to be extremely popular with pubs, restaurants and those in the night time economy industry. However, we also support many businesses who find that Beer Mats are still a great way of promoting their business.

Standard Coasters:

In our extensive range of Branded Coasters, a very popular product with most businesses is the Recycled Plastic Coaster. At an extremely affordable price, this promotional coaster is available in either Square or Round. Not only does this Coaster boast an eco-friendly status as it is made here in the UK from 100% recycled plastic, but it is also available in either white or a further eight popular colours.

Brite Mat Coasters:

Brite Mat Coasters are a super popular promotional Coaster thanks to their cost effective pricing and stunning colour reproduction once printed. Unlike other cheap and cheerful Coasters on the market, the Brite Mat Coaster features a non-slip base and is made from 100% recycled plastic. Much like all of the Coasters in our Branded Coasters range this popular Coaster is available in either Square or Round.

Eco-friendly Coasters:

Many of our customers approach us looking for promotional Coasters but (like all of us) are very conscious of conserving the environment and so need a green and good product. We are always so pleased to see that our clients are doing their bit for the environment and are prepared to include co-friendly coasters printed with their logo into their marketing strategy. Below you will find some examples of our best selling eco-friendly and recycled Coasters.

Bamboo Coasters:

Promotional Bamboo Coasters are an extremely popular branded eco-friendly Coaster for companies looking to show their customers that they are socially aware. These fantastic eco-friendly Coasters are responsibly sourced and 100% recyclable. promoting your business with green and good coasters has never been more exciting with these full colour printed Coasters branded with your logo or chosen design.

Weird & Wonderful Coasters:

Let’s face it, all businesses have competitors. We always want to go above and beyond to beat our competition. Very often our Account Managers are asked to suggest “unique Coasters” that are strange. The end user loves Coasters that have a secret feature or are very different to the standard Coasters you receive at trade shows and events. That’s why, we have created a range of exciting Coasters that have an exciting feature. We are so pleased to share these with you below.


Bottle Opener Coasters:

Promotional Bottle Opener Coasters are a unique branded Coaster that serves two purposes. These particular Coasters can be printed with your logo either as a spot colour print or full colour and are available in a range of popular colours for you to choose from! When ordering this specific promotional Coaster, you are not only ordering a Coaster branded with your logo, but also a bottle opener! Impressive… right?

Bit on the side Coasters:

Branded Bit on the side Coasters are a fantastic novelty promotional Coaster. They feature an extended surface area which not only allows for a larger branding area compared to standard Coasters, meaning further brand exposure for your business, but also a handy little area for storing multiple drinks or a drink and a sweet treat. A popular choice of promotional Coasters that are loved by every industry!

Industry Specific Coasters:

Much like our Weird & Wonderful range, we have been frequently asked by our customers over the years to provide promotional Coasters branded with their logo with a ‘bit more meaning’. So, we invested time and money to sourcing the very best Industry Specific Coasters for your valued customers. Below, you will find just a few examples of these products.


House Shaped Coasters:

Branded House Shaped Coasters are a fantastic promotional plastic Coaster supplied cut to the shape of a house. Once printed with a logo or customised design, these promotional Coasters make great Coasters for Estate Agents, Property Development and Holiday Lettings companies.

Wooden Eco Pallet Coasters:

Branded Wooden Eco-friendly Wooden Coasters shaped to replicate a wooden mini pallet. Not only do these fantastic promotional Coasters boast an eco-friendly reputation, but they are a fantastic unique promotional Coaster. These Engraved promotional Coasters are exceptionally good for Logistics companies, Builders Merchants and those in the construction industry.

Corporate Coasters:

Branded Coasters continue to be an extremely popular corporate promotional giveaway for many industries. We are pleased to present some of our most popular promotional corporate Coasters to you below.


Metal Coasters:

Branded Metal Coasters are extremely popular corporate Coasters which ca either be supplied with a felt backing as standard in a range of colours, or a cork backing at extra cost. Best of all, these popular Coasters have a minimum order quantity of only 50 units.

Stafford Coaster:

Branded Stafford Coasters are executive metal heavy weight Coaster supplied with a highly polished silver finish. Engraved with your logo, these promotional Coasters are perfect for usage on the boardroom table, office desk or side table. Best of all, these high end executive branded Coasters have a low minimum order quantity of just 25 units!

Low Minimum Order Quantity:

Here at Totally Branded, we partner with businesses and organisations of all sizes to supply their Branded Promotional Coasters. Whether they are looking for the most cost effective coasters or our most high end Coasters, they all receive the same level of customer service from our Account Managers. From working with many different organisations, we determined that many of our customers only want small orders of Branded Coasters either to test before a large run, or for staff to use around the office. So, we are excited to be one of the only UK Branded Merchandise suppliers offering a low minimum order quantity on a range of Coasters. Below you will find our low minimum order quantity Printed Coaster range.


Wooden MDF Coasters:

Printed Wooden MDF Coasters are a great way to maximise your brand exposure on your prospect or clients desk. Available in either square or round, these printed wooden MDF Coasters are printed full colour sublimation and have a minimum order quantity of just 10 units which makes this product a great product for those with a small marketing budget! Printed full colour dye sublimation, even the most of intricate of designs lend themselves well to these fantastic Coasters.

Wooden Cork Back Coasters:

Printed Wooden Cork Coasters are available in either square or round shapes and are printed full colour dye-sublimation, edge to edge print with your logo or chosen design. With a low minimum order quantity, our Wooden Cork Back Coasters are an excellent way to promote your business on your clients and prospective clients desk, all hours of the day! printed full colour dye sublimation as standard, meaning whatever your design, we can guarantee stunning results on these popular Coasters.

Glass Coasters:

Branded Glass Coasters are a popular promotional giveaway found on everyone’s desk! Many people use coasters to protect their desk, table or meeting room table. So, why not use this as a way to advertise your company? These clear Glass Coasters with a white backing are available in either Square or Round and are printed full colour dye-sublimation, edge to edge print. Need your coasters in a hurry? This item is on our express service, so we can turn these around in 3 working days with an express delivery surcharge! Order as little as 10 Glass Coasters printed with your logo with these great Coasters.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Oh no! We are so sorry that we haven’t displayed the specific promotional Coaster that you have seen elsewhere, we have over 50,000 promotional products that we offer to our clients, so the chances are, we do have exactly what you are looking for. Please do feel free to contact us and we will do our upmost to help you out!

Your Questions Answered

We have a few best-selling coasters – if you’d like to see these you can use the filters on the left of the category page to filter the selection down to just the best sellers. A very popular one is the Brite Mat Coaster, these can be full colour printed and are made from recycled products right here in the UK. Another popular coaster is the Bottle Opener Coaster, it’s a great multi-use coaster, crack open a cold one and then use the coaster.  

Yes, we do! Our Wooden MDF coasters are available at no minimum order which is brilliant if you need a small run or just the one!  

Yes, to see all of our eco-friendly coasters, use the filters on the left-hand side and select eco-friendly to easily view our full range of eco-friendly coasters. Some are made from recycled plastic, others from wood or bamboo. 

Yes, we do have this option on a range of our coasters – select the “Full Colour” filter on the left-hand side of the screen, this will filter down the results to just our full colour printed options. Check out the “Recycled Plastic Square Coaster – White” for an eco-friendly and full colour printed coaster.  

Yes, some of our coasters offer this option but at a further cost to you. The Glass Round Coaster can be offered on 3-day express delivery – just enquire and it can be arranged for you.  

We don’t currently stock glass engraved coasters, but we do stock a stunning metal engraved coaster (Stafford Coaster).  

Yes, coasters are a good addition to any desk or workspace as they help keep the dirty coffee stains off the table – a tidy desk is a tidy mind! If everyone’s got a branded coaster at their desk then they will see your brand name every day.

We have Printed Beer Mats which are made from absorbent pulp board which can be printed in full colour, meaning you don’t have to compromise on your branding even if you do have a lower budget.

Some of our more high-end coasters are made from glass – check out the Branded Glass Round Coaster. These are branded in full colour across the whole surface of the product, giving you the maximum amount of space to advertise your business.  

Yes we do, we offer the Bespoke Shaped Acrylic Coasters, which can be cut to the shape of your request. 

If you’d like to see our specifically UK made coasters, you can use the “UK Made” filter on the left and the website will filter the selection down to the UK made only options available.  

If you need some help choosing, do get in touch and we can try and help. We can also have samples sent to those who request them.  

Yes we do offer that here with our “Brite Mat Coaster” they’re a really cost effective, environmentally friendly and durable coaster – that’s why these coasters make such ideal giveaway products.