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Printed Bookmarks

Taking a break from that great book you’re reading? How do you mark the page you’re on? Are you a corner folder or a “any old receipt will do” sort of person?

When it comes to keeping track of your page number, look no further. We have a selection of brilliant printed bookmarks for all your page marking needs.
Whether you want branded bookmarks to give to customers in your shop, or to hand out at school to encourage young readers, or even as a promotional gift to potential staff and consumers, with a branded book mark the opportunities to gain more brand recognition are endless.

Check out the range below and see if you can’t find the right printed bookmark for you.

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Printed Bookmarks – Your Questions Answered

Standard Card Bookmark is a really great budget bookmark, made from card so is recyclable but can be printed in full colour, as standard it is one sided and matte finish but for additional costs it can have double sided and laminated finish.  

Yes! One of our book marks comes with attached sticky notes, (Bookmark and Sticky Notes) this is great for studying and annotating lots of different pages when reading. Also, great if you want to mark lots of specific pages.  

We have a few really good selling bookmarks. People love the classics, and our Leather Bookmark is a really popular one with readers and schools. They come in a range of colours and are branded via Foil Blocking.  

Yes, we have some great Leather Tassel bookmarks. One of our favourites is the Velbond Tassel Bookmark, it comes with a range of vibrant colours and is branded via embossing. The bottom has a tassel effect and the leather bookmark.  

Our most popular premium bookmark is the Velbond Tassel Bookmark, it’s a classic bookmark design with an academic aesthetic, making this very popular as a gift for students, teachers and other readers.   

A bookmark is a great object for schools to give out, they can encourage young minds to want to read more! We would suggest the Magnetic Bookmark to prevent them losing their place. Nothing worse than when you’ve put your book in your bag and your book mark falls out and you completely lose your place! We also think the Bookmark Ruler would be a good one for school use as it’s a bookmark and also a ruler. Multi purpose! 

Yes! We can of course try and find a compromise with you on this, as we want to help our customers as much as possible. Please get in touch with one of our dedicated account managers.  

Depending on which style you’ve chosen, the order quantity and stock levels at the time of purchase our bookmarks can anywhere between 5 working days up to 12 working days.  

Depending on the style of bookmark you’ve ordered, we have a few with a low minimum order of just 50 units per order.  

The purpose of a bookmark is to mark a page in a book, diary or magazine. A promotional bookmark is all of the above, and to spread your brand and message far and wide.  

Yes, they are. So many people read books, in private, on the train, the beach, basically anywhere! Which means with a branded promotional bookmark, there is so many opportunities for impressions on your brand!