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Promotional Erasers

Erase all of your mistakes! (well…maybe not all of them.)
Our promotional erasers and pencils with eraser attachments make great branded giveaways at schools, universities, in hospitality or even art galleries! They also make great branded merchandise for your office staff; we all make mistakes! Why not be the kind of employer who allows their employees the chance to fix theirs?

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Promotional Erasers – Your Questions Answered

Yes we can! Most of our Eraser can be printed in full colour or spot colour print – depending on what you need.  

We have a couple of singular erasers that are really popular. The “Printed Correction Eraser” is very popular as it makes for a great small addition to any marketing campaign, is very cost effective and has a low minimum order. The “Snap Circular Eraser” is equally as popular as it can be printed using full colour. 

Yes! We do stock this option. The “Eraser with Pencil Sharpener” which is branded via full colour digital print and comes with a small range of bright colours, including white, blue and red.  
We also have the alternative circular “Wave Sharpener and Eraser” which comes with colourful caps on both sides to protect the Eraser and Sharpener. Branded via digital print this product is a great addition to any branded pencil case.  


Depending on which product you choose, you can order the minimum of just one. This is with the “Printed Correction Eraser”. Our other eraser products have a standard minimum upwards of 250 Units per order.  

Depending on which product, stock at the time of ordering and order quantity, the delivery can vary from anywhere from 3 days to 12 days. We aim to get all our products out in good time, but do let us know if you need something promptly and we will see what we can do. 

Our very popular “Printed Correction Erasers” are printed right here in our UK production warehouse by our very own Production team! These are great as that means they can go straight from our warehouse to your door.

We find that a lot of schools and universities like our promotional erasers, education is about making and learning from your mistakes, after all. Other sectors where promotional erasers are useful are places in hospitality, or offices. Anywhere were you may need to write or draw in pencil and erase any mistakes.