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Promotional Torches

Shine a light on your marketing campaign with our range of Promotional Torches.  Throughout our variety of printed logo torches we have the perfect option to suit your business needs and budgets. From torches combined with a bottle opener to compact torches that can be used on the move, there is sure to be a great companion for your company. All of our high quality torches can be either printed or engraved with your company logo to increase brand awareness whilst in use.

There are many benefits of promoting your brand with a customised torch, the most valuable one being their practical status. Unlinke bulk items like mugs, logo torches can be used here, there, everywhere; making them great for advertising your business at almost every possible location.

Our promotional torches are ideal for businesses of all sizes with some of our best selling lights being available to order from as little as twenty five units and others boasting starting prices of just £0.45!

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Promotional Torches – Your Questions Answered

The material of the product depends on the torch that you’ve gone for. A lot of our torches are made from metals, including aluminium and titanium. 

Not all of our torches come with a battery, some do. If you need your torches with an included battery, check out the Aluminium LED Torch. 

Yes we do, it also contains a branded pen come screwdriver; which as multiple extra heads. The screwdriver and torch gift set is ideal as give aways and will be held onto as these things are infinitely useful. 

We have two keyring torches that are also functional bottle openers. These are really popular due to their practicality yet they’re also lightweight so can be take everywhere on your set of keys. Have a look at the LED Keyring Bottle Opener or the Clear Bottle Opener Keyring

Quite a few of our torches have a low minimum order of 25, which is the lowest order quantity that we offer with our branded torches.
A really nice and popular torch is the Sycamore solo torch, it comes in a variety of colours and is laser engraved to one position. 

We use many branding processes to create our torches, including but not limited to, laser engraving, full colour digital print, pad print and spot printing. The method used will depend on the torch you choose.

We understand that sometimes you need things last minute. We offer a Torch keyring that can be delivered within 2 –5 working days! 

We think so, yes! They’re not just good as a way of getting your brand name out there, but they’re practical as well, which means they’ll be more likely to be kept by the receiver of such a giveaway item! 

One of our best sellers is the Premium Aluminium LED torch. This is due to its durability and the fact it comes with batteries included; it also has a handy wrist strap as well.