Branded Sticky Notes

Branded Sticky Notes also known as Post It note pads branded with your company logo and contact details certainly make a practical promotional giveaway. Did you know that the famous Post It note was invented in 1977 by a scientist, Dr. Spencer Silver from a company called 3M. Since then, promotional sticky note pads have subsequently become a hugely popular branded desktop giveaway. A sticky note pad consists of a small piece of paper with a low tac strip of glue along the reverse of the paper. Generally 50 post it sheets are combined together into a block which when combined becomes a sticky note pad. A low tack pressure-sensitive glue adhesive allows each note to be easily removed and re posted anywhere without leaving any marks or residue.

Particularly useful to jot down those all important notes and reminders. Branded Sticky notes are available in in a wide choice of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit a wide range of practical uses. Printed Sticky Notes are particularly practical. They have daily usability and provide a large branding area so that your logo is highly noticeable. Corporate branded sticky notes act as a constant reminder of your business.