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Branded Sticky Notes

Post It Notes were invented in 1977 by a scientist called Dr Spencer Silver, and since then the sticky note world has grown, there are all kinds of styles, shapes and designs to choose from, with lots of brands who all have their own specialities and qualities.  

They are a popular item across all industries as they’re perfect for taking quick notes or jotting things down, they make handy “Keep Off” signs on your lunch box in the work fridge, you can even use them as bookmarks! (Ideal for avid readers or students)  

We have a wide selection available in all shapes and sizes, which can all be branded with your company logo or business details. These are a brilliant form of advertising for your company because they can be used daily, they are extremely cost effective and your logo will be recognised again and again by anyone that uses them, making your business stand in the forefront of customers minds. 

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Branded Sticky Notes – Your Questions Answered

Yes, your logo or company can be printed onto our sticky notes, these are great for promotions as sticky notes are super handy especially for jotting quick notes down. Your customers will have daily exposure to the product, meaning your company will stay at the forefront of their minds.  

Generally, there are 50 sheets per sticky not pad but there is sometimes the option for more – this is something you can run by the account managers when placing your order and they will see what they can do. 

We offer some of our sticky notes at a minimum of 25 units, these are really good if you only need a short run of them or are hosting a smaller event. Check out the Bamboo notepad set, for a really handy book of sticky notes of different sizes.

Some of the sticky notes we stock have a minimum of 5 working days, others can take longer it really depends on order quantity. The Printed 75 x 75 Sticky Notes are a really good basic square sticky note – and they’re available in other base colours upon request!

FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council who certify forests to ensure their environments are responsibly managed and meet the highest environmental and social standards. This means that the paper our sticky notes are made from is sourced responsibly. If you’re after something environmentally conscious for your promo, we do stock the Sticky-Mate® Recycled Sticky Note.


Yes, we do offer free samples. You can contact us and we can arrange it, we are always happy to help. 

Yes, we can print sticky notes in full colour print, which is great as this means you can have promotional sticky notes that perfectly match your branding. We love the “bookmark and sticky notes” because they come with a handy bookmark as well as the sticky notes – perfect if you’re a reader who likes to annotate their books on the go.  

If you’re looking for something a bit different for your sticky notes then you have to check out the cloud, heart and star sticky note pads. They’re the same useful stickynotes but they come with a fun shape, ideal for themed events or promotions.