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Debossed Notebooks

Looking for a sleek and stylish corporate giveaway for your employees? Our branded debossed notebooks would make perfect corporate gifts; it gives your employees somewhere to write their important work related notes. Corporate gifts make employees feel appreciated as the brilliant staff you know they are. Appreciating your staff properly aids in staff retention, which in turn creates a nicer work environment for you and all other members of staff.

Debossing is the process of stamping a design into a product, and it leaves behind a shallow imprint in the surrounding material. It’s a more subtle branding method which gives it a more mature appearance without being over the top.

Check out our branded debossed notebooks below!

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Debossed Notebook – Your Questions Answered

Yes, we can! If you’re looking for a more colourful branded notebook, check out the “branded notebooks” section, here you’ll find options to have large printed logos on your products. Debossed notebooks don’t tend to offer very colourful prints and are more simple and sleek in design. 

debossing is the process of leaving an imprint in a material or fabric. The debossing plate is pushed into the products and it creates and indent on the material. This is the opposite for embossing. 

This really depends on the notebook you choose, some of our selection has more pages than others. 

The lowest minimum order we offer for our debossed notebooks is 10 units per order with some of our larger Moleskine branded notebooks. 
Take a look at the “Moleskine Classic Large Hard Cover Notebook” for a low minimum order journal with from a great notebook brand. 

The “A5 Eco Friendly notebook” offers 80 sheets of lined FSC paper and is made from recycled materials. Check out the “Napa A5 Cork Notebook” and the “Castelli Nature Recyclable notebook” which are also environmentally friendly notebooks with great qualities.

Our sales advisors can inform you of this when you make your order, but we do have lead times on each product individually as well. Shipping will depend on order quantity and stock levels at the time of purchase. 

We use our debossed notebooks in office, as employee stationary. We also use them as giveaway items to promote ourselves. It’s always useful for our employees to have somewhere to write their important work related notes. As for handing them out as a giveaway items, they can be really popular as a way of spreading brand awareness without giving out the standard business card. People tend to respond better to receiving physical products over just a business card. 

The “A5 Mole Notebook” is a really popular notebook of ours which our customers love. It is a good looking notebook with a large variety of colours to choose from and has a soft PU finish. 

We don’t just offer debossing on A5 notebooks, while it is a very popular size notebooks we also offer the smaller A6 notebooks, and bigger notebooks in sizes A4 and even B4 which is slightly taller and wider than an A4.

Fill in a “fast quote request” form on the product page or get in touch with one of our sales team, and they will be able to help you. 
Alternatively check out the “How it Works” page on our website.