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Branded Carrier Bags

If you work in the retail sector you would do well with some of your very own printed carrier bags. Each bag can be printed with your company logo and contact details. This will help to advertise and promote your shop or business. As a low cost way of advertising, branded polythene carrier bags are the ideal branded bag option for you.

If you would also like a luxury branded carrier bag, then our rope handle carrier bags are great for you. Rope Handle bags are great for housing more valuable items. These stylish bags are also fantastic for promotional giveaways and trade shows. Branded rope handle bags also provide a WOW factor, whilst still proving to be a great value for money.

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Branded Carrier Bags

Bags are an ideal way of holding lots of items. This means that just about everyone has one. So, why not take advantage of this and get some of your own promotional bags with your branding all over them? This would allow your company to gain almost limitless exposure and attention from potential customers. Out of all the types of bags, Carrier Bags are used the most, making them the perfect promotional opportunity. Here at Totally Branded, we provide your business with printed carrier bags that are high-quality, re-usable, and will provide loads of exposure for your branding!

Printed, Promotional, and Plastic:

If you’re looking for a standard, Polythene carrier bag then you have come to the right place. We offer a Full Colour Polythene Carrier Bag, which is a best-seller. We also have Medium Patch Carrier Bags, and Small Patch Carrier Bags, which are more budget-friendly than the Full Colour alternative. These handy bags are great for shops and retailers looking to provide their products in a branded bag.

If you’re looking for a different style of plastic carrier bag, try our Duffle Polyethene Carrier Bags. These unique bags offer an easy way to carry around the items inside, as they can be slung over the back and carrier hands free. They also offer a large branding area, which is great for those that want to make their brand seen far and wide.

The Flexi Loop Handle Carrier Bag is incredibly popular on most high streets, and in big-name shops. This is because they are so versatile. These bags are strong, large, and feel very comfortable to hold; this makes them great for those long shopping days. With such a large bag, this product also boasts a large print area. This means that you can ensure that your branding is being seen far and wide, and gaining massive attention from potential customers. Ideal for printing, using, and promoting your brand.

Certainly Not Ropey Rope Handle Bags:

We also offer a variety of Rope Handle Carrier Bags. No matter what occasion, we’ll have the carrier bag for you! Take, for example, the A4 Laminate Gift Bag. With a size large enough to hold important documents and brochures, you can be sure that these bags will do the trick. They can also be printed in up to full colour on all external sides – which makes them ideal for spreading your brand, and looking amazing. These brilliant, rope handled, laminate carrier bags are also available in an A5 Small size, an A3 Exhibition size, and as a handy branded bottle bag. These fantastic, high-quality bags are perfect for those looking to show off a classier, and fancier look.

Here at Totally Branded, we also offer a stylish rope Duffel Polythene Carrier Bag. This bag offers higher comfort for the holders, as it is worn over the shoulder rather than carried by hand. This makes it ideal for long trade shows, in which the attendees need to carry around uncomfortable bags all day long!

For an eco-friendlier stance on your promotional carrier bags, you will want to try the Kraft Paper Bags. Available in brown or white, these bags are 100% biodegradable and will certainly help the environment. These Kraft Paper Bags come in exactly the same sizes as the Laminate Gift Bags, except eco-friendly. Our brown Kraft Bags are manufactured from 200gsm paper, whereas our White A5 Biodegradable Kraft Bag, White A4 Biodegradable Kraft Bag, and White A3 Biodegradable Kraft Bag are made from 160gsm paper. These bags can also be printed in up to full colour on all external sides. Fantastic!

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