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Branded Jute Bags

Do you need a great promotional bag, which is strong, spacious and sustainable? Look no further!  

Our branded Jute Bags come in a wide range of styles and colours, with different branding options for you to choose from. Jute is a highly sustainable product which means using any of our jute bags would be great for the environment and great for your business.
By supplying an eco-friendly, reusable bag you are not only helping the planet, but you are spreading an earth-positive message through your branding, which will give all potential and existing customers a positive opinion of your brand.
Often with an added expandable gusset, these bags are spacious and strong, which means these are perfect to reuse again and again long after your event, and this will give your brand the maximum possible brand exposure.

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Branded Jute Bags – Your Questions Answered

Printed Jute bags can be used for promoting your brand at exhibitions, trade shows or promotional events in a useful and sustainable way. They also made great takeaway promo gifts that will double as a really durable shopping bag.  

One of our bestselling branded Jute Bags is the “Jute Bag with Large Gusset – JUT4LH” Which offers a high-quality alternative to plastic shoppers with the added bonus of sustainability! 

Our cheapest Printed Jute Bag is the Wells Tiny bag, available in a range of 6 gusset colours (natural, black, red, blue, green and pink) The added space from the gusset allows for maximum storage in your tiny bag.  

There are many pros for both types of products, but a few of the Jute Bags pros are: Often they come with an expanding gusset, allowing for more space and the added strength of the material means the product will more likely to last longer. As well as this, the product itself can sometimes have a lower production cost per bag meaning you get more for your money! 

Yes of course, we understand that quality checking is important. You can request a sample via phone or email and one of our account managers will be happy to help with getting them sent out.  

The “Printed Midi Jute Bags” are a really good, sturdy medium size jute bag, measuring 30cm x 30cm with an impressive 19cm gusset, its perfect for shopping or promotions and can be ordered at a minimum of 10 units! Great for those who need a small quantity.  

For an amazing full colour printed jute back, take a look at our “Medium Jute Bag – Halton”. They can have alternative gusset colours and have a brilliant branding area size, giving you maximum exposure. 

We do quite the range of jute wine bags, some of our favourites are the “Three Bottle Wine Bag – 3 Bottle Window” which has the space for 3 bottles of wine and a window to see inside the bag! We also have a single bottle bag called “Jute Wine Bag” which is a really nice, sustainable way to gift a bottle of wine.