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Custom Printed Drawstring Bags

Are you looking for a promotional bag which is functional, durable, and perfect for promoting your business?
A branded drawstring bag is perfect for this. It’s spacious making it ideal for carrying lots of items, its wearable on the back, keeping the wearers hands free, and your logo will stand out to anyone who sees it.

They’re also great to use for school, the gym, sports clubs and even light travel – your customers could take your brand with them anywhere. This is essentially free advertising for your company, and your customers will love having a handy, well made promotional drawstring bag.

Here at Totally Branded, we want to ensure that you get the best branding opportunities for your company, and our experienced team will help you to find the best promotional drawstring bag to suit your brand! Check out our wide range of promotional branded drawstring bags in our range below!   

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Drawstring Bags – Your Questions Answered

Yes, we can print on all of our cotton drawstring bags. For a full colour direct digital print, check out the Printed 5oz cotton Drawstring bag.

Most of our branded drawstring bags are made from polyester or cotton. These materials are good quality, easy to print onto and durable.

If you’re looking for a product with no minimum order quantity, we have the 5oz Cotton Drawstring bag. Otherwise, our lowest minimum order quantity is 25.  

If you’d like a free sample of one of our drawstring bags, please get in touch with one of our account managers who will be able to assist you with this.  

One of our favourite, and most eco friendly drawstring bags is the Branded Jute Drawstring Backpack. It’s made of ethically sourced twill cotton and jute and is perfect for promoting your business in an environmentally friendly way.

Some of our best-selling bags are the “Printed Drawstring bag” and the “Printed 5oz Cotton bag”. Both really good options, especially if you are also looking for the more cost effective or natural options. 
Another customer favourite is the “Pegasus Plus Drawstring bag” Which comes is a wide range of base colours and made from durable polyester – so your products can stand the test of time! 


Yes, we have a range of full colour bags that we can print onto. For our budget friendly full colour options, check out the Rothy Drawstring Bag. 

You’ve come to right place! We also print onto a range of other products, so your merch can match, and your customers will go away with top quality bags, mugs and lots of other branded items.