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Branded Powerbanks

Run out of charge while travelling or commuting? Don’t add to your woes by searching for somewhere to plug in; or by fighting the other train passengers over the only seat on the train with a plug near it! Stay charged and on the move with our branded powerbanks and never worry about running out of battery again.
Tech-based promotional products are becoming a really popular choice for a lot of companies. This is because they go hand in hand with consumers fast paced, technology-oriented lifestyles.
Branded powerbanks are an excellent choice as a promotional item because they’re useful, compact and portable, keeping your customers connected and on the move.
Browse our selection below and find the perfect portable Powerbank for you!

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Branded Powerbanks – Your Questions Answered

Yes! The branding options may differ depending on which branded powerbank you’re after. 

A Powerbank is a compact, portable battery which you can plug your electrics into when on the move for easy charging. 

Our lowest minimum order for powerbanks is 10 units per order but this depends on the Powerbank you choose. Take a look at the “3 Day Express Power Tower” for this low minimum order. 
Lower minimum orders are ideal for when you just need a small run of products or if you’re not sure how many you will need. 

we offer two specifically environmentally friendly powerbanks, both have great qualities but are different, so it depends on what you’re looking for.

The “Eco Friendly Travel Powerbank” is made from 50% straw, and 50% PLA. (Biodegradable polymer)

Then there is the “Recycled Plastic Powerbank” which is made from recycled plastic and features multiple inputs and ports. 

This is dependent on which Powerbank you have chosen. If you need a Powerbank ASAP take a look at our “3 Day express power dynamic

We have some really colourful powerbanks, check out the “Smart Power Candy” Which has a handy keyring loop and comes in light blue, pink, yellow, black, white and green. 

We stock a couple of really interesting powerbanks, with multiple functions!
A5 Light Up Note Book which is great if you’re taking notes in the dark – idea for the person who is always on the go! 
Or the “Powerbank with Wireless Earbuds” Which is helpful for the people who always forget their charger and headphones! You only have to remember one thing now!