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Branded Hand Sanitiser Stations

Now more than ever it’s important to reduce germs and bacteria in our environment. Hand hygiene is an extremely important factor that takes part in this process, which is why branded Hand Sanitiser Stations are the prominent promotional product of the new normal. In response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 the NHS have recommended regularly washing and sanitising hands with 70% alcohol strength. This will fight against all harmful bacterias and kill 99.9% of germs that your hands may contact.

Here at Totally Branded we are pleased to offer a large variety of hand sanitiser stations all of which can be branded with your logo as a promotional marketing resource, whilst complying with the latest Government guidance. Dispensers positioned throughout the working environment prevents the spread of bacteria and reassures both staff and visitors of a safe environment. From our popular floorstanding Automatic Hand Sanitiser Stations that are completely contactless to our wall mounted station that are perfect for company bathrooms and kitchens, whatever the environment we have the perfect automatic dispenser suited for your business.

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Hand Sanitisers play an important role in our day to day life. It has become the new normal to clean our hands after every move we make, every button we touch and every door we push. We are all becoming more and more cautious towards our cleanliness. We believe that this will certainly not be changing anytime soon as the world realises the importance of personal hygiene.

We understand that it is not always possible to wash hands with soap and water and so sanitiser makes a great alternative. By simply placing a station by the door of your store you are encouraging staff and customers to not only keep safe but also understand that you are prioritising the customer hygiene within your business.

Automatic Stations offer a refillable dispenser which allows for 660 dispenses of the sanitiser before a refill of the station is needed. Not only do they offer a large number of dispenses, they also offer the perfect, practical branding platform for your logo. The metal station is powder coated in your choice of white or black coating before being wrapped around the outside using a full colour printed vinyl wrapping process over the powder coated metal. This print can contain your choice of company branding and messaging. This branding process allows for easy cleaning of the sanitiser station without damaging your branding. 

Not Sure Which Sanitiser Station is For You? Read Our Guide Below! 

Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Sanitiser Station

Wall Mounted Sanitiser Stations are a popular product with schools, hospitals and shops as they’re great for those who are looking to invest in a large number of stations without taking up any floor space. All wall mounted stations are mounted on a steel plate to ensure there is sufficient strength amongst the product. We recommend placing wall mounted stations close to doors to ensure germs transferred from door handles are killed immediately. 

Desktop Automatic Hand Sanitiser Station

Desktop Hand Sanitiser Stations are a great tool for companies who are in contact with customers regularly throughout the day. They are also practical for companies who would prefer not to take up any floor space or mount stations onto walls. We recommend placing this station on reception desks, this will ensure those who attend your office are clear from germs as they enter the building.

Children’s Size Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser 

Returning back to school is just around the corner and so it’s time to get your educational environment virus safe. The Children’s Size Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is the perfect safety measure to reinforce the need for hand sanitising regularly throughout the school day. Many schools and colleges are placing a station at the entrance to each classroom, ensuring each student sanitises their hands before entering each classroom to prevent the spread of bacteria onto desks, chairs, and learning equipment within the classroom. The Children’s size station has been created 15cm shorter than the regular floor standing station, this Children’s sanitiser dispenser is great for classrooms, dinner halls, receptions and outside areas. Powered by commercial grade C batteries which are supplied with each station. 

Floor Standing Automatic Sanitiser Station

Floor Standing Stations are the perfect solution for any working environment. Simply place them by doors and throughout your workplace to encourage staff and customers to sanitise whenever possible. The Floor Standing Automatic Sanitiser Station provides a highly visible branding area in comparison to the small wall mounted option. 

Branded Sanitiser Stations with Free Delivery 

All of our automatic dispenser stations are held in stock ready for extremely fast print and dispatch. What’s more, we offer free delivery to one UK mainland address to support business throughout this difficult time. Do you need assistance with finding the perfect promotional station for your business? If so, simply contact one of our friendly account managers who will be happy to help! 

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