Branded Hand Sanitiser Stations

Now more than ever it’s important to reduce germs and bacteria in our environment. Hand hygiene is an extremely important factor that takes part in this process, which is why branded Hand Sanitiser Stations are the prominent promotional product of the new normal. In response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 the NHS have recommended regularly washing and sanitising hands with 70% alcohol strength. This will fight against all harmful bacterias and kill 99.9% of germs that your hands may contact.

Here at Totally Branded we are pleased to offer a large variety of hand sanitiser stations all of which can be branded with your logo as a promotional marketing resource, whilst complying with the latest Government guidance. Dispensers positioned throughout the working environment prevents the spread of bacteria and reassures both staff and visitors of a safe environment. From our popular floorstanding Automatic Hand Sanitiser Stations that are completely contactless to our wall mounted station that are perfect for company bathrooms and kitchens, whatever the environment we have the perfect automatic dispenser suited for your business.