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Printed pencils have been a practical writing instrument and promotional giveaway for longer than many of us care to imagine. The first pencil being created in the year 1564! Although we have now seen a soar in promotional biro pens now being personalised with company logos, there is still very much a place for branded company pencils!

Personalised company pencils are very popular with creative agencies and graphic designers. They also make a perfect promotional giveaway for artists. Lead pencils are an everyday tool of their trade when sketching ideas and concepts in journals and notebooks.

Pencils also come in very useful as a practical stationery item within schools. In Primary School, young children are taught to write and draw with pencils at a young age. So, why not have your own custom printed school pencils?

No matter which style of wooden pencils that you require for your business, here at Totally Branded, our dedicated team are on hand and ready to help. Contact us today to request your free promotional samples to try before you buy.

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Printed Pencils

Promotional merchandise is one of the fundamentals of marketing, and of spreading your brand. One of the most common pieces of promotional merchandise is the branded pencil. Why is that? Well, the pencil is, and will likely be for a long time, one of the most used and reliable pieces of stationary. They are a necessity for every office and every school. This makes them the perfect place to advertise your branding – or perhaps you just want to create a more unified and corporate feel to your company office.

Wooden Works Well:

It’s no surprise that the majority of our range is built up from wooden pencils. This is because they are timeless, budget-friendly, and incredibly effective.

Our wooden Printed Standard Pencils are the most budget-friendly item in our range. They offer a great way of creating brand exposure for your company, as well as drawing in attention from potential-customers. As these pencils are budget-friendly, they are only available to be printed in one spot colour. They make for fantastic promotional giveaway items.

But what if standard isn’t what you are looking for? Then you might want to take a glance at our branded Mini Pencils! These handy little pencils each come with a useful eraser point at the end, so you can banish and vanish any mistake you make. These pencils make for a great little giveaway or tool in hospitality sectors, in which, when paired with a branded notepad, allows your customers to take important notes. Also, they can be delivered quickly, sharpened, and ready to hand out to your customers.

If you, your staff, or your customers work in construction or similar industries, then you’ll likely want to try our promotional Carpenter’s Pencils. These flat pencils are available in loads of colours, and can be printed with your logo in full colour – making them perfect for making your brand stick in the forefront of the recipient’s mind.

Looking sleek and professional is important for client meetings, and other critical business scenarios. That’s when the printed Black Knight WE Pencil comes in handy. With a black colour all over this pencil, you can look executive, and make your branding as bold as it can be! These pencils also make for great promotional giveaway items for those in creative design or architecture.



The Look Of A Pen, The Ease Of A Pencil:

Combine the style of your favourite pens with the efficiency of your favourite pencils with our range of promotional mechanical pencils. Add comfort, style, and durability to your pencils, and write with a mechanised pencil.

The Contour Argent Mechanical Pencil is great for those looking for a utensil with the style of a Curvy Pen, but with the added effectiveness of a pencil. These fantastic pencils are lightweight, durable, and feature a stylish chrome finish. The Contour Argent Mechanical Pencils can be printed in up to four spot colours.

If the Contour Argent doesn’t suit your taste, you should try our Giotto Mechanical Pencil on for size. This slim, stylish pencil imitates the Parker Jotter Ball-pen with the upmost accuracy, but it provides all of the handy features that come with a mechanical pencil. These pencils are available in an extraordinary range of stunning colours, so you are sure to find the perfect mechanical pencil to suit your brand!

Something A Bit Different?

Perhaps you are looking for something slightly different to the standard pencil, then we have some promotional products for you.

Our Hef 12 Piece Colouring Pencil Set is ideal for restaurants, cafes, and all other places that often have kids. You can keep the children entertained and spread your branding at the same time! This fantastic set features 12 unique colouring pencils, as well as its own pencil sharpener. The sharpener is made from transparent plastic and is available in a range of transparent colours.

For a more eco-friendly approach, try our Express Eco-friendly Recycled CD Case Pencils. These pencils are manufactured from the plastic of recycled CD cases. These great, eco pencils can be printed in up to two spot colours, or in full colour. You can show your customers that you care about the environment and have them aware of both your brand and your social responsibility.

Maybe a branded pencil isn’t for you, why not request a free sample of one of our branded plastic pens as well so that you can review all of your branded writing product options before placing your order.

Want to see all of your options? Check out the full range of Branded Pens and Pencils that we can supply personalised with your logo. We even produce promotional pencil cases for your stationery to be placed in.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Oh no! We are so sorry that we haven’t displayed the specific product that you have seen elsewhere, we have over 50,000 promotional products that we offer to our clients, so the chances are, we do have exactly what you are looking for. Please do feel free to contact us and we will do our upmost to help you out!