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Promotional Metal Pens

Promotional Metal Pens, an ideal giveaway item. They enable you to take your company pens to new heights. Metal Pens add an extra layer of quality to your pens, and your branding. Make your branding stand out on a perfect metal pen! Choose between spot printing or laser engraving, each brilliant for spreading your brand. Whether it be function, style, or price, our range of pens will suit you. Our dedicated and experienced team of account managers are on hand to help you to find the best pens for you, your company, and your customers. Check out our range below…

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Promotional Metal Pens:

Pens are one of the most used desk items in the world, and they can be utilised in so many different situations and scenarios. Why not take advantage of this and provide your customers, staff, and potential clients with a neat, branded metal pen?

Our range of sophisticated, sleek pens are much higher in quality than the standard plastic pen (though our plastic pens are also very high quality!) and everyone can tell. What’s even better is that metal pens can also be engraved with your company logo, design, or promotional message. This leaves a fantastic, long-lasting branding result that will draw your customers in, and create massive brand exposure!

Here at Totally Branded, our dedicated team of experienced account managers are on hand to provide support, information, and advice as to which promotional metal pen would work best for your business. We are also able to send out test pen samples, and create on screen artwork visual proofs to show you how your personalised pens could look once branded!

The Perfect Pen For Every Occasion:

With so many metal pens out there, it can be hard to decide on which one suits you. That’s why we have created a range of products to fit each and every occasion that you might need a branded pen.

For important events, client meetings, and trade shows, the Simplistic Metal Pen is perfect. Don’t let its simplicity fool you – this pen is smart, functional, and sports a subtle executive look. Available in a range of colours, you can select a colour that you think would suit your branding and your occasion; both you, and your customers will love your branded Simplistic Metal Pens.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly metal pen for your next event, then we’ve got you covered. The Crosby Glossy Ball-pens offer a sleek, professional metal pen at a lower price. This means that it’s perfect for occasions that aren’t as executive – as you won’t be breaking the bank!

For A More Executive Feel, Try Soft-Touch:

We all know that the feel of a pen is an incredibly important factor in whether or not it is frequently and consistently used. That said, our range of soft-touch pens create the ideal writing experience, a great feeling, with minimal finger slippage.

Take the Mood™ Ball-pen, for example, which is a stunning, effective soft-touch pen. These pens are available in a full colour print, so you be sure to get the most brand exposure possible and ensure that your customers know your brand.

We also offer soft-touch metal versions of the best-selling Curvy Pens. The Curvy Soft Feel Metal Ball Pen is ideal for those looking for higher quality, longer-lasting versions of our plastic Curvy Pens, and can be stylishly engraved with your company’s logo, design, or promotional message.

For a slightly more unique style, take a look at the Crystal Stylus Pen. This soft-touch pen, which is available in a fantastic range of 3 vibrant colours – each with chrome accents that create a professional look, is great for your next promotional giveaway, conference, or trade show. They also look amazing around the office, and create a more unified feeling between your staff.

Big Name Brands, Low Prices:

Here at Totally Branded, we have a range of respected and popular brands to choose from, and they come at brilliant prices!

If you are looking for Crosby pens, you should take a look at our Crosby Glossy Ball Pens and our Crosby Soft Touch Ball Pens! These fantastic pens are available in a range of vibrant colours, so that you can choose which pen would best suit your branding.

Perhaps you’re looking for a pen to go with your Mood™ Notebook and Vacuum bottle? Well then, the Mood™ Soft-feel Ball Pen is ideal for you. With such a reputable brand name, you just know that this pen is made to an incredibly high quality.

Function & Feel:

Results gathered by the BPMA show that the more useful a promotional item is, the longer its recipient is likely to keep it. Therefore, if you want to gain the maximum brand exposure possible from your promotional metal pens, you should take a look at our Multi-function Ball Pen. This handy pen boasts 9 useful features, from spirit levels to Phillips Flat-head Screwdrivers, which is sure to keep your customers focussed on your branding.

You may also want to take a look at our Garcia Stylus & Torch Ball Pen, which features a LED torch and a smart touchscreen stylus. We can print your pens in full colour, or laser engrave them with your company logo. These pens are stylish, and available in 9 stunning colours!

You Can Save And Engrave:

Promotional Executive Pens, while being smart and top quality, can be expensive. That’s why Metal Pens are so great! You can keep all the style and professionalism that comes with executive pens, but avoid the larger prices. Metal Pens from Totally Branded can be laser engraved with your logo or design, which makes them look and feel executive.

For example, the Javelin Chrome Ball Pen is available in a sleek, professional chrome colour which looks executive, but is available at only a fraction of the price! This pen features a twist-action mechanism which allows for the withdrawal of the nip when not in use.

Engraving is such an incredible way of promoting your company on our metal pens. The branding is made bold, and really stands out to your staff, customers, and potential clients.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Oh no! We are so sorry that we haven’t displayed the specific product that you have seen elsewhere, we have over 50,000 promotional products that we offer to our clients, so the chances are, we do have exactly what you are looking for. Please do feel free to contact us and we will do our upmost to help you out!