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Branded Lanyards

Are you looking for the best lanyard for your business? Whether you want all of your staff to wear top quality branded lanyards, giving them easy access to their swipe cards, keys or just to make them all feel like part of a team – there is no doubt in our minds that we have what you are looking for.  
Lanyards are also a brilliant use of personalised merchandise at promotional events – such as trade shows or open days.  
At Totally Branded, we have a vast selection of promotional lanyards available, available in a range of colours, styles, shapes and functionalities. Some come with a trigger clip, perfect for attaching our branded lanyard wallets and other branded accessories. We also understand how important safety is, and provide a selection of branded lanyards with safety breaks as well.

The best thing about our branded lanyards is that they’re now even more eco friendly than ever! With 0 air miles and made using more environmentally conscious materials, like rPET, a plastic made from recycled bottles, our lanyards make the perfect addition to any business or company. Whether your message is about being eco-friendly or you’re just trying to do your bit, this is a good place to start.

If you need help, feel overwhelmed by the options available, or would just like a little advice on what would be the best printed lanyards for you, then our account managers are always happy to help.

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Branded Lanyards – Your Questions Answered

Our express lanyards are all made and printed in the UK, which means we can get them to you faster, ideal when you need your lanyards hurry.  

Some of our express lanyards can be printed, packed and delivered in as soon as 3 days after purchase. Others can take longer, this is illustrated in the product descriptions of each product. 

If you’d like to see some samples, please contact our dedicated account managers to arrange this, they’ll also be able to assist with any other queries you might have. 

Yes! All of our sublimation lanyards come in full colour.

Our most budget friendly lanyard is the “10mm Flat Polyester Lanyard”. It comes fully branded with a black safety plastic break, minimising the risk of choking and a metal trigger clip, perfect for hooking to keys or ID cards. Minimum order quantity is 100 units.

We offer a range of widths for our lanyards, from as small as 10mm across to a much wider 25mm across. Bare this is mind when choosing, as the wider the lanyard the higher the print area could be. This means more space to advertise your brand!

Some of our lanyards can be pantone matched which means that we can match the colour of the lanyard to the colour of your branding! If you’re not sure, then our account managers will be able to help. 

We provide a range of additional accessories for our lanyards, including clear PVC wallets, retractable pass holders, carabiner pull reels and rigid card holders.  

Most of our lanyards are made from rPET, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Compared with new polymers,  recycled rPET emits 79% less CO2 when produced. 

A lot of lanyards are made right here in the UK, which leads to 0 carbon footprint, printed using water based inks (non-toxic, better for marine life!) and made from rPET – a recycled plastic polymer which can be recycled again and again. 

Some of our lanyards come with a handy pull reel – which extends when pulled and perfect for attaching to ID’s etc. Some of our other lanyards have metal trigger clips, which are ideal for hooking onto sets of keys etc. A separate pull reel is available to buy as an additional option to the standard trigger clip, should you want both options. 
There is even a charging cable attachment lanyard – which allows you to charge your device while on the go. 

At the moment, we don’t stock lanyards with more than one safety break. While one safety break should be enough, we understand how important it is to keep our staff members safe. Please contact our account managers so that they can assist you further with this.