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Branded Lanyards

Branded Lanyards are perfect for branding, safety, and security. A neck lanyard worn around someones neck allows us to easily identify people in your place of work and allows you to distinguish between staff, visitors, and contractors. Exhibition lanyards are undeniably useful and offer a perfect event sponsorship opportunity. Totally Branded offer a wide variety of branded neck lanyards printed with your company logo and brand colours. Promotional lanyards have a choice of popular fittings such as trigger clips and dog clips as well as pull reels to hold security passes and exhibition ID cards for security purposes. Whether you need tubular lanyards, flat polyester lanyards, executive woven lanyards, or dye-sublimation full colour promotional lanyards for your event or exhibition our team can guide you through the most suitable branded lanyards for your business.

What is a Branded Lanyard? 

A Lanyard which is also known as a neck strap is made using strong polyester material. Lanyards are traditionally worn around the neck. Usually they are used to carry an identification card, access control pass, festival pass, or for identification within the workplace. A common example is visitor lanyards and contractor lanyard passes for identification within offices. The common size of a lanyard is 900mm in length.

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Lanyards can be produced in a range of materials, sizes, and styles to suit a range of objectives. Despite being a powerful branding tool that allows your logo to be consistently displayed, you can go further and transform promotional lanyards into practical tools and resources for your organisation.