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Promotional Keyring Torches

Light up your business with our Promotional Keyring Torches! These handy tools are great to have in case of emergency or to light up small spaces in your car or home. The torches themselves can gain your company a lot of impressions over its life with the owner. More impressions, the more customers, all the more ways for your company to shine.

Whether you’re after our simple but colourful keyring torch, the “Branded LED Keyring” or you want something a little more refined. One keyring that flies off the shelf lightning fast is the “McQueen Metal Keyring“. This can be branded via full colour jet print or via metal engraving!

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Promotional Keyring Torches – Your Questions Answered

We have a few really good sellers when it comes to our Torch key rings. People want a functional torch but they also want one that looks good. A really good torch is the McQueen Keyring Torch, because it’s sleek and functional, and can be branded in full colour or via engraving.  

Our “Branded LED keyring torch” Has a minimum order of just one, so they’re a really good option for small quantity orders! They are branded in-house and come in a range of colours for you to choose from. We also do small minimum orders of 25 units on our “Astro LED keychain Light” and our “LED Cube Light Torch”, this is great for small runs and can be ordered again should you need to. 

Torches are a great tool and having one on a handy keyring makes them accessible to anyone with a set of keys. This makes them quite a popular choice for branded giveaway as people tend to favour useful products over non-useful products.  

They are available with a no minimum order on our website under the name of “Branded LED keyring Torch”. They’re the same great torch with but with a no minimum order, and fast delivery option available. 

For the most part, yes batteries are included with our key ring torches.

The benefits of one of our torch keyrings is that you can gain a lot of impressions from potential customers as it’s an object that will stay on the owner’s keyring chain for an extended period of time. 

The McQueen LED torch can be branded two ways, but it really depends on what you’re looking for in your branded torch keyring. A colour jet print would be a full colour print of your logo, so you’d be able to accurately represent your company in all its bright and wonderful glory. The engraving option gives and more sleek and subtle approach to branding, but is still very effective – these are things to think about when also thinking about your target audience, and what they’d prefer in an object.