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Personalised Webcam Covers

Did you know that it’s possible to hack into a webcam on laptop, computer or other device with a camera built in? And it happens more than you might think!
Protect your privacy with a webcam cover made specifically for you, with your brands logo or chosen design.
These are ideal for any company or business that uses laptops and other smart devices, including offices, schools, the NHS and Ministry of Defence and many more. These are all places that require a certain level of privacy.  

Here at Totally Branded, we offer a range of high-quality webcam covers and camera blockers. These are ideal for companies that are looking to protect their staff, themselves and their customers.
As a marketing tool, webcam covers have a really extensive reach and could help increase brand recognition through all the people that see them in use on your customers devices.

If you need help choosing the right Webcam Cover for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our account managers, who will be happy to help you decide.

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Branded Webcam Covers – Your Questions Answered

Webcam covers are attachable fittings that go over the webcam on your laptop or computer to stop people from viewing you through your camera.  

Printed webcam covers are practical because most people in this day and age have a laptop or computer with a webcam, or they know someone that does; making this product a must have product for most people. It will protect the camera from scratches and every day damage, and also help keep your clients or customers private lives, private. Not only this but in office settings, or places where people use their laptop publicly, your webcam cover in use will receive a lot of viewing time, this will increase brand recognition for your brand.  

Our “No Minimum Order Printed Webcam Cover” is available to purchase at just one unit per order – this is handy for just one-off purchases or in case you aren’t sure how many you will need.  

Yes, you can give us a call and one of our account managers will be able to arrange that for you. 

At Totally Branded, we aim for good, expedient service on all our products. One of our fastest produced webcam covers from point of sale to your door is the “Clip on Webcam Blocker with Screen Cleaner”, which can be with you within 5 – 7 days, depending on order quantity and stock level at the time of purchase.  

Industries that webcam covers work well in are tech companies, offices and schools. They could be beneficial for those in law or enforcement, or places like the NHS and MoD where shared information between colleagues may be sensitive or private.  

Yes, our No Minimum order Webcam Covers are produced right here in our production warehouse. These are brilliant, and choosing this option means we can give you a more personalised experience. It also means that there is less travelling involved for the product from our factory to your door, which is better for the environment.