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Queens Platinum Jubilee Merchandise

The Queen needs no introduction, but our Platinum Jubilee product range does! We have a great selection of products available to be branded with the official Platinum Jubilee Logo, perfect for your Jubilee celebration or event. With a commemorative book mark and mug, you’ll be able to look back on the momentous day for years to come. 

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The Queens Jubilee Merchandise – Your Questions Answered

We have a selection of suitable gift products from über practical water bottles and power banks to bookmarks, mugs and edible treats like chocolate bars and biscuits. You can have them all branded with the Platinum Jubilee logo.

It’s great that you want to throw your own Jubilee event! We have some lovely buntings that will survive outside in all weathers, we also have balloons and tablecloths  

Both of the waterbottles have great qualities and it really depends on what you’re looking for in a product. The “Jubilee 750ml Water Bottle” Is a more cost-friendly bottle made from plastic, where as the “Jubilee Soft Feel Bottle” Is made from aluminium, so is more likely to stand up to wear and tare. However the Jubilee 750ml Water Bottle has a bigger capacity than the latter. Really, choosing the right product is about knowing what you want and need in a product and going from there. Our sales team can help you with chosing the best product for you and youir jubilee celebration.  

The “Jubilee Mini Chocolate bar” is roughly 7.5cm long, and 4cm long with a 1cm thickness – these make great bitesize treats for smaller hands! Perfect as table favours during your Big Jubilee Lunch. The “Jubilee Maxi Chocolate Bar” is 14cm by 7cms with a 1cm thickness. This is more appropriate as a gift or an extra special treat! (Perfect for sharing!) 

This jubilee is a historical first for Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II being the first monarch in our history to have reigned for 70 years, so it definitely warrants a celebration. Check out our blog about The Queens Platinum Jubilee to find out more about the momentous day! 

Yes, we generally can – if you let us know what you’d like we can arrange a quote and a visual mock-up of the product for you.  

The logo itself is a picture of the Queens crown, with the top of her crown looping into a number 70, signifying the 70 years that she has reigned for.