Promotional Webcam Covers – Why Do You Need Them?

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Promotional Webcam Covers – Why Do You Need Them?


Not worried about hackers sneaking in and peeping at you, your staff, and your potential customers? Believe you me, you should be.


It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to being safe on the internet. Our promotional webcam covers might be just what your business needs!


There are plenty of reasons on why you should get yourself (and your staff) a webcam cover:


  • Its recommended by academics and professionals

From tech experts, to Mark Zuckerberg, and even the FBI. With all of these people advising that you get yourself a webcam cover, why wouldn’t you?


  • We’re all on our computers more and more

Due to the recent surge of online business, it’s no wonder that most businesses spend loads more time on their computers and devices than they used to. So, it would do well to just take a step to increase your internet safety.


  • Webcam spying is more common than you’d expect

Most people would say that you’re just being paranoid when they see you with a webcam cover on. However, it’s incredibly simple nowadays to hack into a device and access the camera and the microphone. It has also been said that hackers will swap and share your information and camera footage if they’re given the chance. So, it’s well worth protecting you and your staff.


With a range of cool, and practical webcam covers on our website, you can be sure to find the best one to suit your budget and your requirements! Not only will they stop those prying eyes, they will also make your office look way snazzier and more professional. Furthermore, a sense of subtle unification is created between your team when they are all rocking their awesome branded webcam covers!


When plain, these products are simply just basic bits of sliding plastic or metal. They get the job done.


However, with your branding printed on it, they can get the job done in style!




Here at Totally Branded, we offer a variety of promotional Webcam Covers to suit all uses and budgets.


Our best-selling Push Webcam Privacy Cover is ideal for those looking to bring a colourful and protective spark to their office, and it’s one of our most budget-friendly products in this range!


Promotional Webcam Covers - Totally Branded

However, if you’re looking to go with a more professional, sleek look, then we would recommend our Privy Aluminium Camera Cover. This product is fantastic at blocking prying eyes, and offers a sleek and unique aesthetic for your office.


Privy Aluminium Camera Blocker Silver - Totally Branded

When it comes to practicality, the Clip-on Webcam Cover with Screen Cleaner takes the cake. Featuring its very own soft side for screen cleaning, this product is easy-to-use, great looking, and will most certainly get the job done!


Clip-on Webcam Blocker Mint - Totally Branded

Here at Totally Branded, we’re good at getting your branding seen. So that’s why our Webcam Cover with Backing Card is one of the best products in our range.

Webcam Cover with Backing Card - Totally Branded

Offering a full colour print to both sides of the card, this item is fantastic for giving away at your next company event, conference, or trade show. The large print area on the backing card, as well as the print area on the actual cover, will create great brand exposure for your company. It will also help to draw in attention from your potential customers, and ensure that they remember you and your services.


In Conclusion…


So, you now understand the dangers of hackers and unwanted eyes. You also have a range of branded webcam covers to choose from. We have plenty of promotional printed webcam covers to choose from, and we’re always updating them. If you can’t find a Webcam Cover that suits you, then you can contact us, and we will see what we can do!

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