Screen Printing VS Direct To Garment Printing

Screen Printing VS Direct To Garment Printing

Screen Printing VS Direct To Garment Printing

It can become slightly overwhelming choosing the correct print method for your company uniform. 

So we are going to help you out by breaking down the most popular printing methods to ensure you find the best suited option for your branding. 

Screen Printing

Screen printing is like a stencil. Your logo or promotional message is burned onto a screen until the ink is ready to be pushed through onto a surface using a squeegee. 

In theory this method is simple, but it may become highly technical in practice. Especially when automatic screen printing presses can print hundreds of products per hour.

Although with screen printing the setup offers a longer process, once your screens are eventually in place, products can be printed at a faster rate at a greater price break. 

Pros and Cons of Screen Printing

Pros: screen printing has a large number of pros. Number one being the quality of print. In comparison to DTG, screen printing offers a much more vibrant finish, and with a water based print the finish will be much softer and last a lot longer. 

Screen printing is a great option for anyone looking to order in bulks of 100. This is because the same amount of setup goes into one bag as it does 1,000 meaning smaller orders may cost more per print. But when ordering larger quantities your cost per print will be much less. 

Cons: with screen printing it is harder to achieve realistic photographic images. It takes burning multiple screens and an elegant blending of colours to work. An experienced printer will be able to make this work but DTG printing will normally make the image slightly sharper. 

Is Screen Printing The Right Method For My Branding?

The quality of print will be slightly different in comparison to a DTG printer, plus you will get better price breaks. However, if you are looking to print a larger quantity of items, then screen printing is our recommended option. 


Direct To Garment 

DTG printing is basically a garment version of an ink jet office printer. Printing on textiles the same way your standard home printer prints on paper. 

As there is virtually no setup involved when printing via DTG, it opens a new opportunity to order smaller runs and even one of prints with zero problems. 

Pros and Cons of Direct To Garment Printing

Pros: with DTG printers there is no long winded set up involved which makes it super easy to print small quantities and one offs at a reasonable price. 

Also, as the print is done digitally without screens DTG is perfect for designing high quality realistic photographic prints. 

Cons: DTG printing is not the best option when you’re planning to order in bulk. There usually isn’t price breaks for how many bags you order, and the cost to produce one bag is still high. 

DTG printers don’t print as vibrantly as screen printing does. 

Is DTG Printing Suitable For My Logo? 

If you’re at the beginning of launching a new brand or introducing a new logo, DTG printing is a great option. It is convenient, there is no commitment and you’re not limited to design numbers.  

If you are looking for a small quantity of printed products for a conference or for gifting to delegates, DTG could be a good choice. 

We hope this guide helps you and your business figure out which option best suits your needs. 

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