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Promotional Hoodies

When it comes to branded hoodies, are you a zip up or pull over kind of person? Regardless of how you like your hoodies, we are bound to find the one for you.
Branded hoodies are wearable by all ages and come in a wide range of sizes; making them an ideal inclusive promotional gift or a comfortable, warm and durable part of uniform for employees. You can get fully branded hoodies on a small budget and gain hundreds of impressions for your business, so you can gain new customers while looking and feeling great in your own promotional hoodie.

Check out our range below to find the hoodie for you!

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Promotional Hoodies – Your Questions Answered

you’ve come to the right place! We can print your logo on our entire range of products, including hoodies. 

Most of our hoodies have a wide range of hoodies, from XS through to 6XL! We are always happy to accommodate your needs, so let us know if you need a bigger size and we can try and help you find a suitable product. 

A lot of our styles come in a wide range of styles, if you’re looking for a wide range of colours in your branded hoodies, then check out the “Fruit of the Loom Classic Hooded Sweatshirt.” Which is good quality mid range hoodie that comes in lots of colours and size availability. 

Yes, we do. Take a look at the AWDis Organic Hoodie for a part-recycled part organic cotton blend hoodie. 

We offer two running hoodies that are ideal for keeping fit and warm, and come with reflective tapes on to keep any runners safe in the dark. Check out the “Combo Lightweight Running Hoodie” or the alternative “Tombo Ladies Lightweight Running Hoodie

We offer a range at a minimum order of just one, so it depends on what you’re looking for in your branded hoodie. We would recommend one of our customer favourites “No Minimum Order Quantity Printed Hoodie

The product with the shortest lead time is the “No Minimum Order Quantity Printed Hoodie” which has a lead time of just 5 – 7 days.

It really depends on which hoodie you want and what kind of design you want on your branded hoodie. Printed hoodies offer a cheaper and quicker printing alternative. Embroidered hoodies offer a more subtle and sleek design but allows for less detail and less colour variation. Printing is great for logos that have lots of colour or detail, embroidery is great for minimalist designs or small emblems on the chest of the hoodie.