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Branded Pop Sockets

Branded Pop Sockets are a helpful attachable gadget for your phone or other smart device. It Pops on the back and acts as a grip for you to hold on to, helping to prevent any broken phone catastrophes! 
Our smart phones are basically our best friends; tour guides, wallet, pocket computer. They keep us online, connected and always heading in the right direction.  
Why wouldn’t you want a protective Pop Socket, an extra helping hand for you and your customers! Using a Pop Socket on your phone actually has other benefits; it can help relax the muscles in the hand as well as prevent any risks of dropping it. Some Pop Sockets even work as a stand, perfect for handfree use of your phone or if you’re watching TV on the go. The PopTops can be taken off and changed depending on your branding choice, but these are all fully branded with your design or logo. That’s why Branded Pop Sockets are ideal as a promotional tech giveaway. Sitting on the back of the phone they are showcased by anyone that uses them. Imagine how many people could see your logo! The marketing opportunities are ENDLESS. 

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Branded Pop Sockets – Your Questions Answered

Yes, pop sockets allow for people to have a more secure grip on their phone, it acts as a handle on the back of the phone or phone case which the user holds onto and can help prevent any dropped phone related catastrophes.  

PopSockets stick best to smooth, hard cases or the back of a phone, silicone tends to naturally be less firm and therefore PopSockets don’t stick as well.  

We offer the Branded Pop Stand which doubles as both a holder and stand, ideal for watching on your phone or handsfree use.  

Most Popsockets can be moved and repositioned – ideal should you get a new phone or phone case! 

PopSocket is the name of the company that invented PopGrips are the name of the product.

They work by adhering the Pop Grip base to the back of your phone / phone case (or tablet or another device) and then adding the pop top, which is the decorative part of the Popsocket. (these can be interchanged!) 

Depending on the option you choose, our Aluminium PopSockets can be removed and re-adhered at least 10 times. The original Pop Grip can be rinsed in water and re-adhered an unlimited number of times and (as long as it’s not exposed to air for more than 10 minutes) 
They can be expanded and collapsed up to 12,000 times before wearing out.  

They’re made of polycarbonate, TPU, and polyurethane which are just the technical terms for different types of plastic. 

Minimum order for our branded original PopSockets is 120 units. Our aluminium PopSockets have a minimum order of 60, while our Pop Stand has a minimum order of 50 Units. 

Popsockets live on our smart phones, millions of people the world over have a smart phone or device, so just imagine the number of people who you could reach if just 50 of your customers had a Popsocket with your company logo on! 

An official PopSocket comes with a range of exchangeable Tops, meaning your customers can buy their own tops to suit their mood or style even after your event is over. There is also a good chance that the cheaper alternatives aren’t as reliable and well made, which could be bad for your business should you give them faulty products.  

Full colour print is available for branding and additionally aluminium Laser Etching, Wooden Laser Engraving is available.