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Promotional Easter Giveaways

Celebrate Easter in style with our range of Easter Themed Promotional Giveaways. From yummy bunnies to traditional eggs, we have the perfect addition to any marketing campaign related to the holiday season.

Did you know that in the UK over 90 million chocolate easter eggs are consumed in one year? It’s true… we really are a nation of sweet tooths! With that it would be completely understandable if you were to take full advantage of our Easter range to entice your prospective customers!

When Easter comes to mind what is the first thing you think of; Bunnies? Flowers? Spring? Or is it the mouth Watering Creme Egg that makes an appearance each year? Well if it’s the world popular Creme Egg that is sold over 500 million times every year your in luck! As at Totally Branded we can print your logo in full colour onto the packaging of one of the best selling eggs. That is real tasty advertisement!

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