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Castelli is an Italian brand that specialises in the production of high quality notebooks, diaries and other luxury stationary!
If you’re looking for well made branded notebooks or diaries that have an expensive feel and a great low cost, then look no further.
We stock Castelli products in a range of shapes, colours and designs which can all be branded with your logo, making your company stand out as stylish, organised and ethical.

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Branded Castelli Products – Your Questions Answered

Castelli is a notebook, diary and paper brand that have been making their product for over 50 years. 

They are manufactured in Italy and then sent to us to personalise in house. Then they are sent to you!  

Our Castelli range is all offered on a minimum order quantity of 50 units. They’re quite cost effective generally so even with the minimum unit order you can have a stylish, budget friendly notebook.  

Yes, they do offer 100% recyclable diaries, these are the “Nature 100% Recyclable Diary” which are brilliant for keeping track of the days, and what you’ve been up to. They come with Rounded Corners + Internal pocket, ideal for keeping your scrap paper or business cards in. 

They are all designed and made in Bergamo, Italy, this is where the Castelli brand was born.

Yes, we deboss our Castelli branded notebooks for a more streamlined, executive look. Debossing will create an indentation of your design as opposed to a raised 3D textured look.  

One of our best selling Castelli branded notebooks is the “Castelli Medium Ivory Matra Notebook.” It comes in a wide range of colours in a matte finish, an internal document pocket, colour coordinated pen loop and elasticated band closure with sleek looking rounded corners, all topped off with a gold bookmark ribbon.  

Most of our Castelli branded notebooks have a lead time of 10 working days after receipt of payment, depending on order quantity and stock levels, this means you could have your notebooks within two weeks! 

All of our Castelli products are manufactured in Italy, which are then shipped to us, if you need a quicker delivery but want to use the Castelli brand, let us know so we can prioritise the order and try and get it to you sooner.    

Yes you can, this can all be arranged by our account managers at point of enquiry.  

The makers of the Castelli brand understand the importance of good paper, and what a well-made notebook or diary can say about a company. Their products are beautifully finished, which is why customers love them.  

Unfortunately we don’t do this as standard with our Castelli notebooks, however if you speak to our account managers then they may be able to help you with this.  

Yes, any of our branded Castelli diaries would be suitable for the office, but we have some that are particularly stunning. Try the “Quarto Matra Diary” for a sleek and stylish look, it comes in a decent size (perfect for those with BIG workloads) with a blind debossed date which is also foiled to add a bit of extra shine to the product.  

If you’re looking for something smaller yet still with that luxury corporate feel, then take a look at the “Pocket Colombia De Luxe Diary“, with a classic ribbon bookmark and padded outside covers this diary also boasts a gold foil date, gold metal corners, and gold page edges, making this a really useful but pocket friendly product for any corporate company bosses or staff looking to keep better track of their time.  


The Castelli brand dates back to 1965, when the company was founded by husband-and-wife team, Lindo and Maria Castelli, who began handmaking high quality, distinctive notebooks and diaries in their small Bergamo workshop, since then their products have gone from strength to strength, and they have collaborated with larger brands like La Scala & Louis Vuitton. 

Yes, we can do this! If you’re looking for a foiled cover, with additional gold details, take a look at the “A5 Colombia De Luxe diary.”