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Eco-friendly Merchandise

Eco-friendly branded giveaway merchandise is ideal for spreading your brand and drawing attention, all while helping to sustain our planet. With a wide range of eco-friendly products to choose from, Totally Branded can ensure that you find the perfect branded giveaway item for your company and any company event you plan to throw.

Help the planet, and your brand by printing your brand on some of this high quality branded eco-friendly merchandise. If you are unsure of which product to choose, our team of experienced account managers, here at Totally Branded, are on hand to help you to find the perfect fit for your brand…

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Here at Totally Branded, we offer a range of eco-friendly products that will be ideal for any company. We believe that the best way to show the world that your company cares about our planet, is by having branded eco-friendly merchandise that is both good looking and incredibly effective. Our range of promotional merchandise products can help you to showcase your branding without threatening the sustainability of the environment.

Eco-friendly Stationary

Included in our eco range are various pieces of stationary which are perfect for companies who are looking to spend less, while making a conscious effort to show that they care for the environment.

Our Recycled Hudson Pens are a fantastic place to start if you’re looking for quality pens to either use around the office, or giveaway at company events. If its pencils that you’re looking for, then fear not, as here at Totally Branded we can provide you with some branded Eco-friendly Recycled CD Case Pencils – with this product we offer an express delivery too, so its ideal for if you need your pencils last minute!

Our Recycled Wheelie Bin Pen Pots are perfect for if your company is looking to print its brand on a more unique, novel piece of stationary to giveaway!

Eco-friendly Sticky Notes, Notebooks, and Notepads

Promotional notepads, notebooks, and sticky notes are always a useful and exciting product to receive at trade shows or giveaways, so why not provide your very own eco-friendly merchandise, printed with your logo and branding, at your next company event or giveaway? Not only will it help potential customers in remembering your brand, but will also be proving that you are aware of social problems and that you care about the preservation of the environment.

Our branded Mendel Recycled Notebooks are perfect for companies looking to provide a good quality branded notebooks at their next giveaway, and can be paired with any of our range of eco-friendly writing utensils – providing a totally branded promotional package which will massively help to display your brand, and to stick in the minds of your potential customers.

If notebooks aren’t quite what you’re looking for, then why not take a look at Totally Branded’s House Shaped Note Paper Holder which offers a unique and useful item to print your branding on and giveaway. The bonus is that it is made from recycled materials and is perfect for if you want to make a step towards saving the planet!

Other Eco-friendly Items:

At Totally Branded, we offer a range of different eco-friendly products to suit your all of your company’s needs. If you want to aid in the preservation of the environment, and also show potential customers that you care about our planet, then look no further than all of the products we have in our eco-friendly category.

From our eco-clothing, such as the 100% cotton twill snapback hat, to our eco-friendly Billboard ice scrapers made from recycled materials – here at Totally Branded, we are dedicated to providing you with a brilliant eco-friendly solution to your next company give away or event!

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

Oh no! We are sorry that we haven’t displayed the specific product that you have seen elsewhere. However we have over 50,000 promotional products that we offer to our clients, so the chances are, we have exactly what you are looking for. Please do feel free to contact us and we will do our upmost to help you out!