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Printed Banner Pens

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Printed Banner Pens – Your Questions Answered

Printed banner pens are a type of pen that have a pull out retractable banner, providing a large surface area to advertise your brand or company on. 

Banner pens are a tactile way to connect with your customers while sharing your company’s message, and repeat usage of your personalised banner pen will give your company more exposure. That makes banner pens an inexpensive but highly effective form of advertising.  

Yes! Our printed banner pens come in a variety of colours, including bright colours like yellow and green – this could help your brand stand out from the crowd!

The banners inside our banner pens are double sided, so you can display all the relevant information you need, making these pens perfect for giveaways and other promotional events. 

Yes! We have in-house designers that are happy to help with creating a design for you, for more information on this, please contact your account manager.