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Promotional Trolley Coin Keyrings

These bespoke branded trolley coin key rings are simple but super effective as a promotional giveaway, at company events or as free gift to your loyal customers.

They take the place of a £1 coin in trolleys or lockers – so whether you or your customers are popping to the shops or hitting the gym, your branded trolley coin keyring is there just waiting to be utilised! This is such a positive message to send to your customers as they will be reminded that the brands and companies that they shop with are helpful!
There are
so many to choose from, and there are options for double sided coins too – giving you maximum possible exposure for each keyring you giveaway. With such a wide range of choices, so you’ll be sure to find a style to suit your company’s needs and match your ethos. 

Feel free to contact one of our dedicated and experienced account managers to learn more about these and all our other available options! 

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Trolley Coin Keyrings – Your Questions Answered

They’re a keyring that have a coin shaped attachment so you never get caught without a coin for your trolley at the supermarket! 

These super handy key rings also fit in leisure centre lockers, making them a really useful item for all of your customers, whether they’re going for a swim, hitting the gym or popping to the shops, this coin has them covered!

These branded key rings are not only useful, they’re a really good way to promote your brand as they’ll be used often and because they are handy, your customers will associate that same helpfulness with your company. 

At Totally Branded we have lots of different styles of coin key rings, all tailored to your promotional needs with something to suit every company and their ethos.

If you’re looking for something eco friendly, we have recycled plastic coin key rings, or wooden ones, which are brilliant if you’re trying to promote a business inspired by nature.
We do also have some sturdy metal coin key rings as well as some uniquely shaped ones – there are so many to choose from!

For our printed trolley coin keyrings, the lowest minimum order ranges between 100 units and 250 units, depending on the style you choose for your brand. 

If you need your branded keyrings fast, we do offer personalised 5 day express printed trolley coin keyrings. These are brilliant for a last-minute event or promotion, can be printed on both sides and are made of cost-effective nickel-plated iron. 

We have a few options for our metal trolley coin key rings, our full colour printed and our metal enamelled trolley coin key rings could take between 15 – 20 days, they’re great quality and can be printed – making for a brilliant promotional giveaway. If you are looking for a quicker delivery, try our 5 Day Express printed trolley key rings.  

Yes, many of our branded trolley coin keyrings can be double sided, depending on what you’re looking for.
Our re
cycled plastic trolley keyring is a really popular choice, its cost effective, looks great printed on both sides and is the eco-friendly option. Great for you, and great for the planet!