Printed Notepads - Why so popular?

Printed Notepads have been around for longer than many of us have been alive and continue to be one of the most popular promotional products that companies and organisations choose to personalise with there company logo. Unlike some other promotional products such as USB memory sticks which have began to decline in popularity with the rise of cloud based software to store files and access them on multiple devices, printed desk pads continue to be in popular demand despite the advances in modern day technology. In this weeks blog we wanted to delve into why promotional notepads are such a popular branded giveaway.

Let's think about you personally on any given day, whether you work a 9-5 day job and have urgent notes to jot down whilst on a phone call with a customer or are at home and need to make a quick shopping list so that you don't forget all of the countless things the family want on the food shop this week! We think that this is the main reason why printed notepads are such a popular promotional product, research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association have proved that one of the most important factors when looking for the right promotional product to advertise and promote your brand is personalising a giveaway to your customers that is useful! I think the first word that does come to mind when thinking of notepads is useful to be honest. Notepads come in useful in all kinds of situations for people every day across all walks of life which is why printed desk pads are such a great giveaway as no matter who they are given away to they will come in handy either at work or at home, to jot down reminders, shopping lists, or your to do list at work in order of priority each day.

Printed Notepads are a low cost and are great value for money branded giveaway and so are perfect for small businesses looking to giveaway something which will have great impact for there small business but do have to consider a budget when searching for a personalised promotional product for there new business. Because of the low cost to produce printed paper pads I think this is another reason why this product is so popular and continues to thrive as a well perceived gift by recipients even after all these years of the product being used.

Notepad printing also allows you to be very creative with your design and offers very little in terms of limitations unlike some other small, and a little more limited promotional products such as pens as these have a far smaller branding area. When it comes to branded desk pads we are able to offer a range of shapes and sizes to suit the business and marketing campaign that you need notepads printed for, from A6, A5, A4, A3, and larger size notepads we can print each 80gsm uncoated white sheet of paper that is within each notepad on a full colour digital CMYK printing press which allows us to print full colour vibrant designs across the entire sheet at no additional cost offering an unlimited realm of possibilities with the design and use of your company notepads. Some people prefer the less is more approach when it comes to creating the design for there personalised notepads with just a logo at the top of the page and some printed lined notepad pages for guidance when writing whilst other people prefer a full colour edge to edge, vibrant, designed notepad and create weekly planner designs and handy schedule pads to giveaway at there trade shows and events as opposed to a standard white notepad. This is just another reason why printed notepads prove to be such a popular product as they are so diverse and customisable to suit everyone's ideas and requirements.

Notepads build trust, relationships, and credibility with you and your customers. It's no secret that promotional products really do work for businesses, we all love a freebie and when its something like a notepad that saves us having to spend a few pounds buying one for ourselves at the local stationery shop it's certainly going to make your customer appreciate the gesture and improve your relationship with them just that little more. Why not send your field sales team out to visit your valued clients and hand deliver them there personalised desk pads, in our experience that added personal touch is unrivalled. Giving away some branded freebies to your clients is a great reason for your sales reps to call into your clients offices.

If you need any help with your promotional notepads and would like our design team to create a free visual mock up design for you showing how your printed notepads branded with your logo and company contact details would look then just call one of our dedicated account managers today on 020 3150 2818.

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