Top 10 Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas For 2020

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!! It's time to prepare your business for the festive month ahead. If you love Christmas as much as we do you will be excited to know that we have launched our 2020 Christmas shop! So, if you're ready to get a head start, you can shop our festive goodies online... Hurry up! The time is running out! Gift giving is symb...
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Top 10 Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas For 2020


It's time to prepare your business for the festive month ahead. If you love Christmas as much as we do you will be excited to know that we have launched our 2020 Christmas shop! So, if you're ready to get a head start, you can shop our festive goodies online... Hurry up! The time is running out!

Gift giving is symbolic to the Christmas spirit. However, a question we ask our self when the season approaches is why do we really hand out presents? Well, according to Why Christmas, the main reason we hand out gifts at Christmas is to remind us of presents given to Jesus by the Wise Men: frankincense, gold and myrrh!

Throughout our range we have a variety of corporate Christmas gifts suitable for budgets both small and large. We have put together a list of our top 10 promotional festive gifts that you can present to your customers at the end of the year.

1 - Mini Prosecco Bottles

According to Christmas tradition (that I may have just made up..?) you should drink at least one bottle of Prosecco at each Christmas event in order to bring you good luck in the year ahead. Although this fact may not be true, I still think it's worth trying, just to be sure!

Mini Prosecco Bottles printed with your logo are ideal for keeping up the festive tradition. Each

miniature bottle contains 20cl of scrumptious, bubbly, Prosecco protected by a glass finish with a silver coated cork top. The glass bottle is customised with your company logo in a full colour printed sticker to gain brand attention and customer satisfaction. 

2 – Promotional Luxury Castelli Ivory Diary

It’s hard to admit but we have all been in the situation before;  you unwrap a present only to be unsatisfied with what’s hiding inside. Obviously, it’s  far too awkward and unreasonable to bring this up in the presence of the gift giver, so you just keep it to yourself. But you are not alone! In fact according to facts released by eBay there was over £700 million wasted on unwanted Christmas gifts last year! That averages out at 328.53 per person!  So following the stats it would make far more sense to gift your customers and staff with something they can make use of, even if it does cost that little bit extra.

High quality Ivory Matra Diaries would make a great end of year gift for your valued staff. Custom printed with your company logo in up to full colour to the front cover.

Wherever the diary is taken from around the office to offsite meetings, your brand will be on full show to everyone nearby. Each diary has a vibrant finish that is sure to draw attention to your brand whenever something needs to be planned!


3 – Soothing Scented Home Candles

Candles are commonly gifted at Christmas. But have you ever wondered why? 

Like most people, we love the effect that the glowing candle creates in the winter months, blowing off a beautiful scent and giving warming home vibes a candle always goes down a treat when gifted in the festive period.

Candles where first used during the ancient times when the winter celebrations took place as a way to remember that spring would be approaching quite soon. One of the first records of candles being gifted at Christmas was in the middle ages when a candle was used to resemble the star of Bethlehem. As the years have gone on, the candle has lost its religious name quite drastically. But people will always adore a scented candle at the heart of their home, even if it’s just used as an accessory. 

Our soft and sweet vanilla candle is a great gift for customers within a gift set or on its own. Vanilla is beautiful scent that is commonly celebrated for its feminine qualities. This luxury candle is distinguished by its smooth flavour that will light up a room with its timid smell. At the front of each glass candle jar there is a large area for a printed logo sticker in full colour. 

4 – Personalised Passport Covers 

According to a recent report over 4.7 million Brits flock overseas for Christmas and new year, that’s just over 42% of us! This may seem hard to believe, but when you think about the cold wet and windy Christmas day we normally have, it’s no surprise that so many people decide to jet off to the hot sun for the festive period.

Our corporate Odyssey RFID Secure Passport Cover, made from thermo PU plastic, is an essential travel item to ensure your logo is seen worldwide. Each passport cover is available in a split screen grey and black finish with an embossed design to the front.

Passport covers are a great high quality giveaway throughout the year, especially in the Christmas season. 

Odyssey RFID Secure Passport Cover



Odyssey RFID Secure Passport Cover


5 – Executive Engraved Gift Sets 

Still struggling to decide what to get your customers? A gift set is always a good option! Gifting someone something standard like a shop voucher can feel like a cop out. Gift sets on the other hand can retain a thoughtful component that Christmas presents provide. Although gift sets are very thoughtful they are actually a super easy buy. All of the products are laid out for you, all you have to do is chose which one best suits your customer/staff (s) needs.

Our branded Florence gift set is a popular choice in the festive season. Each corporate set contains an executive pillow clock, a leather mill brook keyring and a luxury Elba ball pen. All of the individual items are suitable for laser engraved logos or promotional messages to ensure your brand is on full show even when the products are used without the others within the set.

For a gift set that’s slightly more casual we recommend our Falsetto Gift Set. This beautiful set is a great gift for staff at Christmas time to show them the appreciation you have for them. Each set contains a black A5 sized notebook with a matching luxe pen, all of which are delivered in a Luxe gift box. 



6 – Executive Bottle Opener Keyring

The average Brit will consume an average of 26 units per day this Christmas, with the nation as a whole expected to drink over six billion units of alcohol between Christmas Eve and New Years Day… Unbelievable, right! Well it only becomes believable when you’re hanging by a thread on the 2nd day into January… Don’t shake your head, we have all been there!

Executive bottle opener keyring’s are an effective promotional product within the festive season. Each bottle opener is engraved with your custom design for a long lasting platform to ensure your brand is exposed whenever the opener is used. As a gift this bottle opener would be perfect. Supplied in a luxury card gift box you wont even have to worry about wrapping it up! 



7 – Individual Printed Name Mugs

A personalised gift shows that you put time, effort and thought into their gift. Without a doubt personalised gifts have become a popular player within the gift giving world. Just by printing someone’s name, or a line that represents them to the front of a product can make even an ordinarily gift special, what is not to love! After all, gift giving is about sharing affection in a gift, adding personalisation to the gift straight away sounds like a perfect match. 

Personalised mugs can be gifted to almost everyone, men, kids, women and so on, because personal things are meant for everyone! So if you are wondering about what to gift your customers this Christmas, go for an individually named mug! It will sure go down a treat! Don’t believe how great they are? There are various studies that show that consumers prefer a personalised gift. In fact ‘personalised products sell for an average of 40% more than the standard non custom version."



8 –  Printed Parker Pens  

Take a step into the premium gift world by aligning your business with an executive brand like Parker. With over a century of passion and experience, Parker continues to build on its legacy, committing to quality to ensure that each and every pen delivered the best writing experience for every personal writer. For this upcoming holiday season a Parker pen makes a perfect gift. Within Parkers collection you will be able to find the right gift that will delight your customers and your budget. 

The iconic Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen distils Parkers decades of quality writing instrument expertise into a design of breath taking flowing performance. The design is truly unique and the feature list is phenomenal. From the crafted details to the perfect weighted grip, everything about the pen has been considered to ensure the greatest writing experience.





Parker Urban Premium Rollerball Pen


9 – Celebrations Share Tin 

 If there isn’t one of these constantly sitting on your coffee table from at least the 4th of December onwards then you’re doing it wrong! It’s a good job calories don’t count at Christmas as they are a very sneaky chocolate treat! You tend to grab one or two on your way upstairs only to realise 10 minutes later you are downstairs demolishing the full tin! Did you know the serving suggestion of these is actually only TWO, I mean that sounds like an insult to me! We normally finish the tin within an hour!

Printed with your logo a celebration tin would add a nice touch to the office at Christmas time. Or alternatively if you was to gift this to your customers it would keep your logo on full show around the office, whilst keeping them happy.




Top 10 Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas For 2020
Top 10 Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas For 2020

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