Get ready to Party!

Get ready to Party!

If you’re like us, then you’re probably looking out the window at the rain-filled, cloudy, glum, overcast sky. If you are, then the last thing you will be thinking about is summer.

But fear not. Festival season, while seemingly ages away, is quickly encroaching on us. That means that now is the perfect time to start stocking up on your branded festival necessities, and getting ready to party...

At Totally Branded, we can supply you with all of your branded needs – including all of the festival fun stuff. We offer a total branding solution. Whether it be bottle, cups, ponchos, or even socks, we have something for you.

Promotional festival gear is a perfect way of showing off your branding to THOUSANDS of people, meaning that you can skyrocket your brand exposure, and gain enormous amounts of attention from potential customers. You can also help people to look great!

According to, about 700,000 people attended festivals back in 2017. We’ve laid it out nice and simple in this chart for you to look at:


From looking at that, you would be crazy to think that festivals aren’t great places for splashing your branding.

We offer a wide range of promotional products that are ideal for both businesses that are looking to advertise their branding, and businesses that are looking to hold their own festivals.


One of our best-selling festival products is undoubtedly the Mini Hangover Cure Kit. This handy little product provides the user with quick, effective relief for those mornings after a fun-filled night. Featuring wet wipes, eye spray, and even some mints (for the morning breath 🤢) this pack is sure to make the user remember your company as the people that helped them in their time of need. It also offers fabulous printing opportunities!



Another hygiene related handy pack that is great for your branding is our promotional Travel Toothbrush Set with Toothpaste. Each set is supplied in a white box – this is where your branding will be – and includes a travel toothbrush, along with 3g of Colgate toothpaste. The incredibly helpful nature of this product will make it much easier for your potential customers to remember your company.



Festivals in the UK are notoriously wet and muddy, despite most of them being slap bang in the middle of summer. That is why the rain poncho is one of the most popular items. Here at Totally Branded, we have two great ponchos available for your branding. Our eco-friendly option is the Recycled Bio-Degradable Poncho.

This amazing product allows you to print your logo or promotional message all over a highly effective and efficient poncho. This will keep the user dry. Furthermore, its ECO-FRIENDLY. So, you’ll not only be helping your brand, but also the environment!

We also offer the Disposable Rain Poncho with Pouch, which is available in a range of colours, though doesn’t boast the same eco-friendliness as the other poncho.





Carrying along with the eco trend, the Recycled PET promotional wristband is essential for festivals. It’s ideal for branding, security, and identification. Perfect for high-impact logos and bold designs, these wristbands will almost certainly spread awareness for your brand and draw in attention from potential customers.


If the recycled event wristbands aren’t to your taste, then not to worry. We offer a wide range of promotional wristbands, so you will be able to find the printed wristbands that are perfect for you on Totally Branded.

In Conclusion…

It is clear that festivals are a great place to advertise your business, with nearly 700,000 people in attendance each year - and that number is growing, so it won’t be long before it’s in the millions! With the correct promotional merchandise, you can really spread the wings of your company’s marketing, and gain plenty of brand exposure. Soon enough, your sales figures with be flying through the roof, and your targets will be absolutely smashed!

Promotional festival products work. Really well. now, get ready to party.

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