How To Use Promotional Merchandise In Your Christmas Marketing Campaign.

How To Use Promotional Merchandise In Your Christmas Marketing Campaign

Yes we know. Halloween has only just passed and we are already thinking about Christmas. As hard as it may be to believe, if you haven't started planning yet, now is the time to start! Although this year may feel slightly different to the norm, there are still various opportunities to be had and you don't want to miss out! In this blog you will discover how to forge a killer Christmas marketing campaign and ultimately maximise your customer relationships.

But What Does Christmas Mean To Your Customers?

Every audience has a different approach to the Christmas spirit. From bars to charities, we are going to help you achieve your marketing goals this festive season by using promotional merchandise.

Bars & Restaurants

Christmas is a time for socialising with friends and celebrating another year with colleagues. But to where do the merry makers turn? To their local bar or restaurant of course! Even though things may be different this year, bars and restaurants are still likely to see a seasonal surge of customers.

After the rocky year we have all had, most of us are going need an impressive boom this Christmas to help us get back on our feet. Some of the goals you are going to want to achieve to ensure you get the customer capacity you need is:

  • Strong Advertisement of Christmas reservation slots
  • Keeping premises safe for customers and staff
  • Promoting your festive menu and any special offers

Featured Products To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Promotional Waiters Friend - Pop bottles in style with our branded Waiters Friend. This promotional accessory may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you imagine increased sales but by gifting this professional tool to regular or new customers, you are reminding them of your brand whenever they crack open a beer.

Printed Tulip Pint Glass - A pub without a pint is like a dog without a bark, it's unheard of! Spice up your pint pouring by kitting your bar out with a variety of pint glasses all printed with your company logo. Shaped as the classical drinking vessel these glasses are trendy and easy to keep a grip off.

Branded Beer Mats - Kill two birds with one stone by protecting your tables and promoting your brand. These practical beer mats are designed on a quality absorbent pulp board that can be printed in full colour with your promotional design.

Customised Automatic Hand Sanitiser Station: Lots of bars and restaurants will have added sanitiser stations to their regular furniture in the wake of coronavirus. Why not update your station with new festive artwork.

Up-selling Opportunity: consider adding anti bacterial surfaces on to items that are going to be handled by lots of different people such as our Anti Bacterial Printed Liberty Pens!


Open Shop

When it comes to retail at Christmas we've got one word for you... sales! High street stores will be filled with bargains and bundles to entice passers by. Owners are also likely to redesign everything within their store to look more festive, even in places where they're not promoting a particular sale.

Given how many opportunities there are for promotion in your store, this could be a lot of work! Here is our guide to help you make your festive promotions stress free!

The biggest day for retail sales throughout the year is of course Black Friday. Every shop on the market will be flaunting their promotional message to encourage customers to purchase with them.

Pavement Signs - The most common way to encourage people to attend your store on Black Friday is through informative signs. Signs are often placed on pavements to provide passers-by a reason to enter your store. Our promotional signage offers a large area for your sale to be written bold letters alongside your holiday opening hours or a reminder to wear a face mask.

Christmas Decorations- Entering a store in the Christmas season and seeing no Christmas decorations on show is like attending a cinema and no films being pictured, it's unprecedented! This is why it's essential to bring Christmas into your store at every opportunity - you can do this with a whole new set of Christmas decorations. Promotional Festive Baubles are a great example of this. They will add a touch of Christmas your store whilst advertising your corporate logo throughout the whole season!

Confectionary- Christmas and Food: the ultimate duo throughout the festive season. A friendly way to encourage people to enter your store is by offering a tasty treat at the forefront of your shop. What's more, we can brand the treats with your company logo to provide an everlasting reminder of your company with the recipient.



There is something about the Christmas season that brings out peoples generosity, and charities are happy to nurture this feeling! Classic Christmas fundraisers include, Christmas Markets, Santa Dashes and of course the selling of greetings cards. You're going to want to take advantage of the seasonal goodwill in anyway you can!

Here's some things to think about:

  • Generating interest in your fundraising events
  • Providing quality practical gifts to sell or give
  • Promote seasonal appeals for donations

Corporate Gifts For Regular Donators - whether you know it or not your supporters are your most valued assets so its essential to care for them. Thanking your donors is something you think about all year round but it's especially important throughout the festive months. A luxury notebook is a great gift for donors. You could pair a prestige notebook with a corporate metal pen to make the perfect gift set to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Overall this blog should have helped you learn how to increase customer retention and strengthen business relationships by pointing out what merchandise will help you achieve your seasonal promotional goals.

If you need any further assistance with finding the perfect merchandise to fit in with your Christmas marketing campaign, contact one of our friendly and experienced account managers on 02031502818

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