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Branded Notebooks


Turn every page into a branding opportunity. 

Premium branded notebooks – tailor-made for business meetings, client presentations and classroom settings. 

Branded Notebooks are both brilliant and beneficial in a variety of business areas!

Great for sprucing up the office, a classroom, or even your home! When printed with your logo, each one of these notebooks operates in a way that will skyrocket your brand awareness. They are also an essential, practical item for your staff to use when in vital customer meetings – and work to secure your branding in their brain.

Though the digital age of smart phones and tablets has advanced over the years, there are still thousands of us that still love a notebook to work from. It will always be incredibly easy to just simply take a note in your notebook.

At Totally Branded we have a wide range of A6, A5, and A4 size notebooks. Our range features a wide variety of shapes, styles, and finishes. Whether you’re looking for budget, executive, or sustainable, we’ll have the branded notebook for you!

Get everyone on the same page with Totally Branded

Tired of giving out promotional notebooks that end up in the back of a drawer? Swap the forgettable giveaways for something that’ll get used daily, whether it’s for a jot from your next big client or a student’s project plan. Our custom notebooks – available in bamboo, leather, Castelli and more – make your brand a constant in their day-to-day. Personalise with your logo, sync with your brand palette and roll them out as gifts or promotional giveaways that broadcast your business.

Create personalised notebooks in 3 simple steps:

 Step 1 - Choose Step 2 - Customise Step 3 - Order

From sleek diaries for your executive team to durable daily-use memo pads, our selection caters to every need. 

Pick from premium materials like leather for a luxe feel, or opt for eco-friendly bamboo and cork for a sustainable choice. 

Need something extra? Check out sets including stylish pens – perfect for client gifts or employee onboarding.


Add text, logos or images using our in house design studio team who will assit in designing your custom notebooks.  

Choose from a range of colours and sizes, and select the best printing or deboss decoration method to make your mark. 

Whether you're ordering a handful or gearing up for a major giveaway, our pricing adjusts to ensure you get the best value on bulk orders of notebooks. 

Add your notebooks to your cart with confidence.

Not ready to commit? Request a quote and a free visual proof to see exactly how your custom notebooks will look. 

Production times range from a swift 48 hours to 15+ working days, depending on the type and scale of order. 


Product spotlight: Castelli notebooks 

Think of them as the executive's choice: sophisticated, functional and impeccably styled. Castelli notebooks blend luxury with sustainability, using materials like apple peel and vegetable fibres that make a sustainable statement. Customise with your logo to turn heads or gift one to make a lasting impression. 

The strategic benefits of custom notebooks

Networking magic for your organisation 

A notebook featuring your logo is a powerful instrument with double powers: it amplifies your organisation’s identity and cultivates stronger connections both internally and externally. Whether you’re gearing up for a big conference or stocking up on school supplies, keep your brand front and centre.


Academic settings

 ✔ Boosted team spirit 

Kick off onboarding with a slick, branded notebook and watch team spirit skyrocket from day one.

✔ Enhanced learning 

Encourage note-taking and organisational skills that help students keep their study game strong.

 ✔ Consistent brand exposure 

Got a meeting? Bring your branded notebook. Client lunch? Yep, bring the notebook. They're like mini billboards, always flashing your brand.

✔ Increased school pride

When students sport notebooks decked out in school colours and logos, school pride is literally carried in their hands.

  Marketing amplification

Hand them out at trade shows, conferences or as part of promotional giveaways to turn every recipient into a brand advocate, subtly spreading your corporate identity.

Gifts for achievement

Reward academic success or celebrate milestones with personalised notebooks, making each achievement memorable.

  Enhanced productivity

Business notebooks can be tailored with templates that guide meeting notes or project planning, directly contributing to organisational efficiency.

Community building

Use these notebooks during community events or parent meetings to strengthen the community's connection to the school environment.


Eco-friendly materials that reflect your brand values

Choosing the right notebook material is about more than aesthetics – it reflects your commitment to sustainability. Discover our options below, all equipped with FSC-certified 100% recycled paper. 

Bamboo Cork Castelli Canvas
Rapidly renewable and robust, bamboo notebooks offer a sleek, natural look while being kind to the planet.

Soft to the touch yet durable, cork notebooks are as stylish as they are sustainable. Perfect for those who appreciate a tactile texture and eco-friendly backstory.

Consciously made from apple peel and vegetable fibres, Castelli notebooks are a conversation starter. They turn waste from the juicing industry into luxurious, leather-like covers.

Strong and sturdy, canvas covers are made from natural fibres, offering a vintage feel that’s perfect for artists and writers who value sustainability.


Creative gift ideas and customisation options

Turn our branded notebooks into special keepsakes for holidays, company milestones or personal achievements. Here’s how to make each gift memorable:

  • Seasonal themes: Customise notebooks with festive winter motifs, spring shades or bright summer colours.
  • Corporate anniversaries: Mark company milestones with notebooks featuring the event date and a special thank-you message inside.
  • Personal recognition: Add a personal touch for individual achievements by including the recipient's name and an inspirational quote.

These thoughtful customisations not only enhance the notebooks’ appeal but also reinforce appreciation, making every page a reminder of a meaningful celebration.

Seal the deal with every scribble

Turn every page into a promotional powerhouse. Our branded notebooks keep your logo in sight and top of mind, whether in meetings, classrooms or daily tasks.


Promotional Stationery

Our extensive range of branded stationery certainly has something for everyone.

Stationery is actually one of the most effective branded items you can use when it comes to using promotional products to promote your business, stationery offers a low cost, lightweight, easy to store, yet highly practical giveaway as it wont take up too much room, and its infinitely useful. Given to all your customers, your branded stationery would act like a walking billboard for your business or services, who doesn’t love free advertising? 

Branded with your logo, promotional stationery giveaways could bring in many new customers as well as assisting in your customer retention and activation strategy. Effective Branded merchandise that provides a highly useful gift such as stationery is also perfect for employees as it’ll help foster a sense of community within the team whilst advertising your brand.

Check out our range of branded stationery today and get promoting yourselves with the best promotional pens, printed pencils and branded pencil cases on the market!  


Promotional Gadget Giveaways leave a brilliant and long-lasting impression on prospective clients and your existing, loyal customers. This is thanks to their durability, practicality and fantastic reputation. Here at Totally Branded, we offer a fantastic range of promotional technology related products. Our range features a fantastic variety of branding methods to suit your business and budget. With the help of our dedicated and experienced account managers, you are sure to find just what you are looking for in our range of branded USB and Tech category. Check out our cool and wide range of brilliant Branded USB’s and Technology Giveaways below…

Promotional Giveaways

Branded Giveaways are a must have for businesses wishing to stand out at a trade show, meeting, or event.

Promotional products are a cost effective, practical method of reaching out to more potential customers. Also, Promotional Giveaways with your logo are an extremely important part of any marketing budget is instant brand recognition. When you look at the likes of McDonalds, you instantly recognise the logo thanks to their unique packaging. Replicate this marketing strategy with your own branded items – making your brand instantly recognisable.

Also, if you are searching for a specific product, please feel free to get in contact with the team and we will be delighted to help out with your enquiry!

See our range of branded promotional Giveaways below…

Branded Water Bottles

Refresh your marketing with branded water bottle Boost your brand presence with our custom water bottles, printed with your logo to maximise exposure at gyms, offices and on the road. -- Free Express UK Delivery --

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Eco-friendly branded giveaway merchandise is ideal for spreading your brand and drawing attention, all while helping to sustain our planet. With a wide range of eco-friendly products to choose from, Totally Branded can ensure that you find the perfect branded giveaway item for your company and any company event you plan to throw.

Help the planet, and your brand by printing your brand on some of this high quality branded eco-friendly merchandise. If you are unsure of which product to choose, our team of experienced account managers, here at Totally Branded, are on hand to help you to find the perfect fit for your brand…