A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Branded Pen


Are You Looking for the Perfect Branded Pen?

Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of choices available to you and not sure which one to choose?
Luckily, we have compiled a guide on picking the best branded pen for you, depending on your company’s needs. We created this guide to help you get the most out of your branded promotional pens. The use of pens as a promotional gift is a tried and tested method of promoting your brand; allowing your customers to have a physical reminder of who you are. 

Your Choice Matters!

As a business it’s good to give back to the customer! Without them, where would we be? The branding choices you make for your company should reflect the message you want your business to send.

Things to Keep In Mind Before You Buy

The size of your printed branding on the pen will depend on the type of branded pen you choose. Keep this in mind when making your choice; some pens have bigger or smaller print sizes than others. Each pen will have different specifications in the product description, so be sure to take a look! Other things you should keep in mind are things like the colour of ink in the pen; when you need them for, and what message you want to send with your products.

Our Picks

Working to a budget?

No worries! Here at Totally Branded, we have a wide range of cost effective yet stylish pens; these are perfect for large scale giveaways or working with a smaller budget.

The “Curvy Ball Pen”, a stylish plastic pen with black ink, available in a range of colours; so you can find the best match for your brand. Due to having an improved wider barrel, this pen now has more space to promote your brand. This can be done in spot colour or full colour print – our dedicated account managers can help you with this!

Curvy Ball Pen Black - Totally Branded
Curvy Ball Pen

Looking for Something More Detailed?

A couple of our favourite interesting pens are: The “Tyler Pen” and the “Turbo Ball Pen with Rubber Grip”. Both are stylish and have a low cost, ideal for companies on a budget!
The Tyler Ball Pen comes with a colourful textured rubber grip available in a range of colours; the plastic outer casing comes in white, so our logo and information will stand out from the crowd.

Our Turbo Ball Pen with Rubber Grip comes with a black textured rubber grip; a handy matching black clip, a barrel with a range of colour choices; a stylish chrome tip and push action button and barrel detailing. These make for an interesting and stylish pen that your customers will love receiving as a free promotional gift.

Branded Turbo Ball Point Pen With Rubber Grip

After Something More Interesting, More Unique?

Do you have a very specific message, or a particular theme for your event? For example, at a Halloween or even medical event you can “inject” some humour with our branded syringe ball pens. They are made from recyclable plastic, filled with a coloured liquid. (Choice of 3 colours) Customers are not likely to forget where they got their syringe pen from!

If you need more branding space on your branded pen, a great choice for you would be our banner pens. They are plastic pens with a pull-out retractable banner. We stock two types of these pens both of which come with a double-sided printable banner in a range of colours.

Syringe Ballpen Branded (1)
Syringe Ball Pen

Multipurpose Pens

Whether you’re looking for pens with stylus or torch attachments; pens with multiple ink colours, Totally Branded have got you covered! They can be personalised to your business, so they will be completely unique to your company!  
One of our favourite stylus pens are the “Branded Curvy Stylus Ball Point Pen”. They not only come in a range of colours, a stylus which can be used on touch screen devices (great for tech users!) but it also comes with that same amazing low cost! Perfect for if you want something more than a standard pen, but still need to work within a budget.
Depending on what you’re looking for, we do have more sophisticated stylus pens; branded with your company logo. Check out the Branded Stylus Pens sub category on Totally Branded to see our full range! 

We have some great tool and torch pens, ideal for the mutli-taskers out there. Perhaps even those that work in construction or design settings. Our “System Tool Pen” comes fully branded, and packed with 7 must have handy functions. With a black ink pen it also includes a Phillips and slot screwdriver, a CM and inch ruler on the barrel, a useful spirit level and a stylus. Owning one of these handy pens is like carrying a mini tool box around in your pocket!  

Not Quite What You’re Looking For?

We have the “Brando 3 in 1 pen” Which comes with black ink, a sleek and stylish aluminium barrel, available in a choice of 5 colours and 3 different functions, include a stylus lid cap, a pen, and a light up LED barrel tip.

System Tool Pen
System Tool Pen

Multi ink pens are some of our best multi-purpose pens. While they don’t have all the benefits that our multi tool pens have they do have multiple inks. This makes these pens perfect for people who like to colour code their writing; or have a need to use different coloured inks. Take teachers as an example, you’ll often find that they use different coloured pens for marking.  
Why not make your staff’s lives easier by providing a branded printed multi-ink pen for all their marking and teaching needs? 
We have the “Quad 4 Colour Pen” which features four ink colours with a push down retractable mechanism, making this the perfect choice for marking homework! The barrel comes in white and has a rubber grip, a choice of black red and blue is available for these. The branding on the barrel can be in full colour or spot printed, the white barrel allows for a bold background on a reasonable branding area – perfect to display your company (or school) name proudly. We also have the “BIC 4 Colour Stylus Pen” which comes with the same choice of 4 colours, full colour print on the barrel. The handy clip will prevent anyone misplacing their pens and it comes with a stylus, perfect for anyone who uses touch screens as part of their everyday life.

Branded BIC 4 Coloured Stylus Pen

Want a Bit of Luxury in Your Branded Pen?

You might be looking for something that is more luxurious, either as gifts to dedicated staff members or for large corporate event where you need something that looks high end without breaking the budget. For a luxury pen that feels special, have a look at our “Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen”. Each one comes with its own luxurious box, with a free refill, laser engraved and a choice of colours.

Branded Expert Ballpoint Pen
Waterman Expert Ballpoint Pen

As you can see, picking the right branded pen isn’t always straight forward, and there is so much to choose from, but we hope that this guide has helped inform your decision making process! 
Need branded notebooks to go with your amazing branded pens? Totally Branded have you covered!

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