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Branded T-Shirts

There is no better way to promote your brand than with branded t-shirts. With massive print areas, you can be sure that your brand is clear and visible, and certain that your brand awareness is going to shoot through the roof! Your potential customers and clients will not be able to miss your logo when they see people parading around the high street with your logo printed all over their clothing. Our range of branded t-shirts are also fantastic for company uniforms, and helping to convey uniformity and professionalism within your company and business. Check out our range of printed t-shirts below…

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Branded T-Shirts

Here at Totally Branded, we have many different branding methods on offer to support you with your branded t-shirt purchase. Our in house one colour vinyl print capacity lends itself to those who are looking for a small run of a few t-shirts for their staff to wear at an exhibition or to quote jobs out on the road. Our screen printing service is our most common t-shirt branding method. The fantastic lasting print has extremely fast turnaround times and an appealing pricing structure, hence why our customers love to go down the route of a screen print onto their chosen garments. Another very comm,on branding method for our t-shirt range is embroidery! leaving a very slick appearance, embroidered garments are perfect for exposure to the elements whilst working out on sites during the great British winter weather. Our fast delivery service on embroidered garments adds another reason to the ever growing list of why our clients partner with Totally Branded for their embroidered t-shirts.

No Minimum Order Quantity

We often hear that before partnering with us, our customers have been forced to order many more items of branded clothing than they require for their event or small team. This results in less disposable income for other marketing activities and space wasted storing garments that they don’t need. Luckily for you, we offer a no minimum order quantity (no MOQ) on our whole clothing range. This allows you to order as little as 1 branded polo shirtt-shirtcoat etc. When it comes to business, we focus on relationships, not order size and value!

Individual Bagging Service

Many of our customers partner with us for retail purposes. We provide their branded clothing to be sold in gift shops or online. Therefore, we offer our customers the chance to have their branded garments individually bagged into clear polythene bags and sealed ready for purchase. This protects the garment from any stains or damage that could be sustained and also creates a great impression with the end user.

Methods of Branding Your Clothing

Screen Printing:

Screen Printing is one of the most cost-effective methods of branding clothing. This makes screen printing a very popular service for those looking for branded clothing!

The Screen Printing process is simple yet effective. It involves applying different coloured inks to the surface of the fabric through a specially created silk mesh screen. Each colour is individually added to the design in a careful manner, to keep it  fresh and vibrant.

We love Screen Printing clothing for our clients here at Totally Branded as it is a flexible branding method that allows you to add as much or as little colour as you choose. Each colour that we print is matched to a specific Pantone reference to ensure quality and consistency every time.


Embroidery is an excellent choice for branding your clothing if you are looking for a long-lasting and professional finish! This process involves stitching a design into the fabric of the garment using different coloured threads to match your design.

This process continues to be the favoured option for branding company uniforms, which have to be washed regularly at temperatures of 40 Degrees Celsius.

many people think of polo shirts end t-shirts when they hear the term ’embroidery’. Embroidery is such a versatile branding method and can be applied to a wide range of items including caps, bags, towels, napkins and even seat belt protectors and leather car seats!

So… what’s the process?! Well,  your design will first be digitised to a very high standard that best suits your chosen material. Our expert production team will then embroider the design onto your chosen garments. Our advanced machines have the capability to embroider up to 15 colours, giving you optimum flexibility in your design!

Transfer Printing:

Transfer Printing is the process of printing your chosen design onto a special transferable vinyl material. We can use transfer printing for both light and dark coloured t-shirts or any other garments from our branded clothing range.

Transfer Printing is a fantastic branding method for low quantity branded clothing orders. Transfer Printing is also a fantastic branding method for those wishing to have full colour designs printed onto their garments. Another reason why we love Transfer Printing is the speed! our Transfer Printing service is incredibly fast making this the perfect method for last minute orders. Best of all… transfer printing has NO SETUP CHARGES!

Direct to Garment Printing:

Direct to garment Printing (also known as DTG) is a fantastic branding method thanks to the cost effectiveness when printing small quantities of garments because there are no setup costs unlike screen printing!

So at this point, you are itching to know how we do this! Firstly, the garment is sprayed with a pre-treatment liquid which aids the ink to bond with the fibres to increase the vibrancy of the print. We then leave the garment to dry for a short while. In the meantime, our talented production staff are hard at work preparing the graphics ready for print. Our DTG printers can accept either vector artwork or pixel artwork. The next steps are fairly simple, the garment is placed into the printer and we hit ‘print’! The garment is then removed from the printer and dried or often called ‘cured’ to help the ink set for maximum quality. This process is done using a heat press, with a sheet of silicon paper placed between the garment and the press. After this process has been completed, the garment can be washed and then ready to be worn!

For those who have very little understanding of branding clothing garments, we do not expect you to know and understand our terminology and the best methods to suit you! That’s why our dedicated and supportive Account Manager work day in, day out to speak with your customers to advise on the best branding methods based on their requirements.

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