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Born from one young mans love of climbing, and a little help from his friends; Patagonia became what it is today.
Going from selling handmade climbing tools out of the back of a car, to a wide range of outdoor-friendly products globally; Patagonia is one of the most future-friendly apparel brands out there.
They strive for sustainable, environmentally conscious production. This, included with socially responsible working environments, where families are offered childcare support and fair pay across the board; makes Patagonia a fantastic brand to wear.

The company actively work to reduce pollution and donate 1% of their profits each day to environmental charities/groups; build their factories from recycled materials; use solar energy and organic cotton.

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Patagonia – Your Questions Answered

The Torrentshell jacket by Patagonia is one of the most durable jackets they produce. Torrentshell is just the name of the design, which has 3 layers protecting the waterproof membrane. 

if by good you mean, environmentally, socially and ethically conscious, then yes – Patagonia are by far one of the more morally good companies. They offer support to small, grassroots activist groups, and work to protect and heal the world around us. Not only that but they offer support to working families and some of their locations they offer on-site childcare to employees with children. 

We are open to broadening our range if the customers desire us to. If there are particular products that you want or need then let us know and we will see what we can do. 

All of our Patagonia range is available with an MOQ of just 1. 

This depends on the product that you choose, it can be as soon as 7 days, but its likely to be between 7 and 12 days. If you do need these products sooner then just let us know and we’ll see what we can do.