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Branded Protective Products

Promoting your business is of course very important to business owners and those tasked with marketing the business! We are often approached and asked to suggest ‘practical giveaways’. Now more than ever, your clients and prospects need to be protected. We are proud to have offered our customers health and protective based promotional merchandise for many years and now more than ever we are proud to be able to support you by offering this fantastic range.

Back to work preparations and enforcing social distancing measures are extremely important at this current time. Therefore, we have created an in depth range of protective products and social distancing awareness tools to make adapting your workplace to the ‘new normal’ as stress free as possible.

In this range of branded protective products, you will find everything from Branded Hand Sanitiser with extremely fast delivery, Branded Logo Face Masks, Printed face Shields and Social Distancing Lanyards among other fantastic protection kits and awareness products such as Social Distancing Roller Banners and Sanitising Stations.

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Keeping your staff and customers safe!

Here in our Protective Products category, you will find some extremely useful and important products to support businesses and their customers during the current global crisis. Below we have outlined the importance of certain products within this category to help you with choosing the perfect promotional merchandise for you and your business!

Please distance yourself – Branded 45mm Button Badges

Button Badges worn by staff in customer facing roles are a helpful reminder that staff are here to help but politely asks your customers to please respect social distancing guidelines for the safety of your staff. ​

​We offer an exciting full colour digital print to the front of each badge.​ Each badge is individually fitted with safety pin fitting to the reverse. Our 45mm badge size is our most common size of badge, but we can produce a range of 6 standard circular badge sizes, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 45mm, 55mm, and 75mm depending on your requirements. ​We are proud too offer speedy print and manufacturing times – current delivery in just  3-4 working days.​ Best of all, we offer a minimum Order Quantity of only 50 Pieces.

Branded Logo Face Masks:

Protective face masks are now more important than ever. Face masks present an opportunity for your brand to associate with care and social compliance.​

Our Branded Logo Facemasks are made from 100% Skin Friendly cotton KN95 Filter and polyester outer. ​We offer a full colour digital print to the front of each mask allowing for maximum brand exposure.​ Each mask is fitted with a KN95 Filter to filet the air. ​We offer speedy print and manufacturing times – delivery in just 10-15 working days.

Hands Free Door Opener:

The perfect avoidance tool to prevent your hands coming into contact​ with germs and bacteria. Features a hole allowing you to affix to your keyring.  A fantastic Coronavirus Avoidance Tool​ made from strong Zinc Alloy. Our Hands Free Door Opener is available in either Silver or Gold Colour​. Our Hands Free Door Opener makes a great promotional giveaway to allow your customers and staff to open doors without using their hands and to push keypads and buttons without making contact with their hands.

Hand Sanitiser Flip Top Bottle – 60ml:

Our Flip Top Bottle Hand Sanitisers do what they say on the bottle (literally). They are currently one of the most popular ways to protect yourself when shopping or generally touching surfaces.

Our Flip Top Bottle Hand Sanitiser is fully compliant to EU Standards and produced in Europe. ​This great Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9% of bacteria, is quick drying, compact and easy to carry. We offer you the choice of a standard label printed with your logo, or we can design and print your own full colour printed label design to each bottle at no additional cost.

Hygiene Box Packs:

A fantastic way to ensure that your customers and staff have all of the hygiene essentials to keep safe whether at work or remotely during the current crisis! Custom branded box packs containing essential hygiene products to keep your staff and customers safe throughout the day.

Hygienic Hand Cleansing Wipe:

Food chains were ahead of the game with providing Hand Cleansing Wipes when you purchase takeaways from them. It’s extremely important given the current global crisis that we regularly clean our hands (more often than usual) and especially before consuming food or touching our faces. Our Hygienic Hand Cleansing Wipes contains 1 wipe which is 12 x 18cm in size and can be printed with your logo in 1 colour to 1 position on each sachet. Each sachet contains a 70% alcohol anti-bacterial wipe ideal for killing germs.

Clip Hand Sanitisers:

Protective hand sanitiser with your choice of a clip or pull reel makes this hand sanitiser ideal for staff in factory environments as this clips onto uniform ensuring staff can regularly clean their hands throughout the working day. 

Washable Cotton Face Mask:

Protective face masks are now more important than ever. These cotton face masks are supplied as plain white cotton and are washable and reuseable. These are for personal use only and not for medical use. 

Nitrile Pairs of Gloves​:

Nitrile Gloves are extremely important to preventing direct contact with surfaces that may contain germs. Our plain stock gloves can be delivered to you in just 5 to 6 working days.

Covid-19 Sanitiser Station:

Use the Standard Sanitiser Unit in reception areas, corridors and main walkways, at the entrance to canteens, kitchen areas, toilets and position near doorways. The unit comprises a reusable sanitiser unit and disposable glove dispenser to encourage employees to regularly sanitise hands and stay safe​. Delivered to you in just 7 working days!

Be Safe Socks in Re-Useable Tin:

Create some fun and creative company socks in a branded re-useable tin. Remind employees to stay safe and wash their hands in order to prevent the spread of germs with company branded socks. 

You will be glad to know that once our socks are knitted, and as part of the production process, they are steamed cleaned (real steam at 100C / 212F, not just a warm wash!) before being packaged into individual self-seal bags. This process eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

In so doing, our socks are shipped with 100% assurance, are super hygienic and comfortable to wear!

Office use Hand Sanitiser:

We understand that some office and working enviroments will need to provide employees and customers with frequent hand sanitising areas around the building. ​For this reason we have expanded our pocket hand sanitiser range into larger options. These include 60ml, 250ml, 400ml, 500ml, 1 litre, and 5 litre drums.​ We offer you the choice of your own personalised logo printed label or our standard labelling. ​

Sanitising Station Table Cloth:

We have a wide range of fabric tablecloths available that can be printed with your chosen ​message and delivered in just 5 to 6 working days.

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