Branded Protective Products

Promoting your business is of course very important to business owners and those tasked with marketing the business! We are often approached and asked to suggest ‘practical giveaways’. Now more than ever, your clients and prospects need to be protected. We are proud to have offered our customers health and protective based promotional merchandise for many years and now more than ever we are proud to be able to support you by offering this fantastic range.

Back to work preparations and enforcing social distancing measures are extremely important at this current time. Therefore, we have created an in depth range of protective products and social distancing awareness tools to make adapting your workplace to the ‘new normal’ as stress free as possible.

In this range of branded protective products, you will find everything from Branded Hand Sanitiser with extremely fast delivery, Branded Logo Face Masks, Printed face Shields and Social Distancing Lanyards among other fantastic protection kits and awareness products such as Social Distancing Roller Banners and Sanitising Stations.