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Practical Construction Careers Fair Giveaways

A Careers Fair, also known as a job fair or career expo is an event quite often held within Universities and Colleges in which employers provide information to potential employees. A careers fair provides potential applicants with an opportunity to speak face to face with company representatives to gain an understanding of the business, the role, and the expectations of them as an employee within the company. A careers fair offers a more relaxed environment for job seekers to ask questions and familiarise themselves with the business to decide if that is a business that they would like to submit a job application for.   

A job fair usually takes place inside of a hall or exhibition room which is filled with an exhibition table or branded booth representing each different organisation. Job seekers would usually then work around the room  exchanging information with the recruitment, HR, or marketing team representing the organisation. 

Attending a careers fair proves particularly effective for companies within the construction industry. The events provide the perfect opportunity for many contractors to generate interest in their apprentice schemes and other job opportunities. Everyone loves a practical branded freebie, and what better way to spark great conversation at your booth than with some practical construction related promotional products. 

In this Construction Industry guide we explore some of the most effective careers fair giveaways for Construction sector companies. 

Construction Builders Stress Shape Hard Hat

Stress Shape Hard Hats

When it comes to symbolic signs of the Construction Industry the hard hat is certainly at the forefront. Available in both white and yellow, the stress shape hard hat offers a low cost, fun, giveaway and is particularly well received at construction exhibitions and conferences.

Stress Hard Hat Shapes are made using polyurethane foam rubber and are used to relieve stress and muscle tension in the hand.

We digitally print the hat to the left hand side with your company logo as pictured above.

150mm Scale Ruler Close - Totally Branded

Branded Scale Rulers

Especially popular for companies involved with architecture and engineering, plastic scale rulers prove to be an excellent branded giveaway that can be used both at home and in a professional capacity if the employee successfully pursues a career within your industry. Scale rulers can spark a great opening conversation with a potential applicant at a job fair as you explain how this practical tool is used within your business.

Scale rulers are available in a choice of either 320mm or 150mm depending on your preference. Each ruler is personalised with your chosen design and can be printed using our full colour digital print to provide maximum brand exposure.

Branded Triangular Tool Set - Totally Branded

Triangular Tool Set

The triangular tool set is a particularly popular branded giveaway which offers a practical 5 piece tool set within a compact case.
Inside each of the three blue corner caps reveals a handy tool. With two flat head screwdrivers, two phillips screwdrivers, and a 36 inch retractable measuring rule.

This practical giveaway again has no minimum order quantity and is most certainly a construction and engineering related promotional product.

The Triangular Tool Set proves to be an effective careers fair giveaway due to its usefulness not only at work but also whilst at home.

This tool set is branded with your logo using our full colour digital printing process to one side of the centre white plastic. The only negative to this tool is the corner plastic caps are only available in light blue which doesn't always work well with some brand guidelines however as shown above for some branding this tool works perfectly.

Pantone Matched Wooden Carpenters Pencils

Wooden Carpenters Pencils

Wooden Carpenters pencils printed with your logo offer a practical promotional giveaway to encourage interest and create conversation with potential new industry professionals at your next recruitment event. Comfortable to hold, flat wooden pencils are perfect for writing on a variety of different surfaces and materials. We can even pantone match the entire outside of the wooden pencil with your chosen brand colour.

Carabiner Metal Water Bottle

Metal Carabiner Drinks Bottle

Metal drinks bottles fitted with a helpful carabiner clip are a big hit at recruitment fairs! Packing a popular 400ml capacity, the metal drinks bottle can be used both at home, work, and commonly when at the gym. Available in a range of popular bottle colours to suit your company colours, the carabiner bottle offers a large screen printable area to generate maximum exposure for your brand. The Carabiner clip element of the bottle proves popular with contractors due to it's practicality when working on site. Clipping onto their trouser pocket ensures a bottle of water is always within easy reach.

Printed Mouse Mat with No Minimum Order Quantity

Fabric Mouse Mats

Mouse Mats create a practical desktop branding opportunity with a full colour print. Mouse mats are still to this day a highly popular desk accessory for those using desktop mice. They offer a great branding opportunity and can be printed with a simple logo or full colour photo print. In the past some contractors have chosen to print pictures of key projects that they have worked on as well as create annual calendars printed onto their company mouse mat for added practicality.

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